Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5th scribe David Merkel Per 3

Today in class, we took the SAT 5 test. The test was based off of parts of speech, definition, words, and synonyms. We also turned in the SAT exercises. For the rest of the period we had free work time to do our homework.

Our Homework includes:

Reading 451 from page 1-40. You do not have to annotate, but it is  "highly recommended." If you do  not have your own copy, make sure to check one out when you get back.

If you have not turned in your banned book letter turn it in on Monday. Under Ms. Smith Web page look for the form.

Our banned book project is due on November the 6th, so it is recommended that you start reading your banned book this weekend.

Based on multiple requests for an extension, PLN 3 is now due on Monday. The video is "The Machine is us/ing us."

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