Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scribe- Period 3- 10/11/12

New Project:

  • Work Collaboratively
  • Each person in group gets a character(Clarisse, Guy, Mildred, Beatty, Children, Wives)
  • You will do a diagram of the brains of four different characters
  • Due October 23
  1. Step One
Brainstorm what you think the different regions of this character's brain would be like.  In other words, what does the character like? Dislike?  Think about?  A minimum of four regions for each character.

      2. Step Two
Decide how much of the character's brain should be allotted to each section.  If a character likes or thinks about something a lot, this region should be large.

      3. Step Three
Color code each region of the brain and make a detailed label for each region.  Describe the region in your own words for each section.  Include one quote from the novel for each section that supports you decision.

Character Groups
  • Montag- Maddison, Lena
  • Clarisse-Sarah, Elise, Allie
  • Mildred- Nicole, Leah, Mollie
  • Beatty- Grace, Aly, Haleigh
  • Clarrise's Classmate's- Casey, Aspen, Rachel
  • Old Lady- Tony, Jacob, Goldy
  • Firemen- Erina, Sophie
  • Mechanical Hound- Alex, Alexandra
  • Faber- Tyler, Ian, Dean
  • Mildred's Friends- Ethan, David, Bennett
New Seating Chart


  1. Work on song
  2. Brains Assignment: set-up Google Presentations/Google Doc
  3. Read page 69-91 in Fahrenheit 451
  4. Read Banned Book

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