Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 12th Scribe (period 3)

Friday, October 12th

Wonder Woman Songs:
-Copy of song lyrics to turn in to Smith (lyrics do NOT have to be memorized)
-Costumes, visual elements, and music need to be ready to go by the time class starts so we  don’t end up wasting time
-Performing on Monday!

-Brains assignment
-Banned Book Assignment
-Tuesday- Fishbowl on 91-136

*Tips for 451 quizes*
When preparing for quizzes on Farenheit 451:
-Details about main characters
-Points brought across by the author
-Significant events
-Important details

FISHBOWL on pages 68-91

Note: If you feel like you did a really good job on a memoir and the comments or short story annotations, share them with Smith because she needs examples to show that one does not have to learn just with a pen and paper.

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