Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Erica Martinez memoir


  1. Erica, this is really fantastic! You had really great visuals and the background music was perfect :-) Your central theme was very clear and apparent- so great job with that! Your voice was really clear, but I'd try adding more "attitude" (for lack of better words) to it to go along with what you're saying. Also remember photo credits if you got any pictures off the web (not positive if you did, though.)
    Really awesome job!

  2. Erica, amazing job. I really did feel while watching this and could hear the emotion in your voice. That was your baby cousin? I am so sorry, Erica. I thought you did an excellent job, great voice inflection and very interesting memoirs you choose. If you had to work on anything, I would say maybe you could add some text across the screen. Great job!