Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scribe: Period 5- October 11, 2012

Today we have a new project: Dissecting brains!

We work collaboratively, and each person in a group gets a character. We have to divide the character’s brain into four separate regions based on what they think about or like. The project is due October 23.

Overview of the project:
Step 1:
Brainstorm what you think the different regions of this character's brain would be like.  In other words, what does the character like? Dislike?  Think about?  A minimum of four regions for each character.

Step 2:
Decide how much of the character's brain should be allotted to each section.  If a character likes or thinks about something a lot, this region should be large.

Step 3:
Color code each region of the brain and make a detailed label for each region.  Describe the region in your own words for each section.  Include one quote from the novel for each section that supports your decision.


  • Montag: Julia, Gabby, Monica, Faith
  • Clarisse: Emily W, Scott, Taylor, Lauren, Rebecca
  • Mildred: Nate, Kasi, Ethan
  • Beatty: Dom, David, Zach, Austin,
  • Clarisse’s Classmates: Emily AH, Ally
  • Firemen: Capri, Riley, Olivia
  • Faber: Max, Hunter, Haden
  • Mechanical Hound: No one
  • Mildred’s Friends: Erica, Lindsey, Emily H

  1. Work on Wonder Woman song
  2. Brains Assignment: set up Google Presentations/Docs
  3. Read page 69-91 in Fahrenheit 451 (Fishbowl tomorrow!)
  4. Read banned book

Happy 10-11-12! Don't forget to make a wish tonight at 10:11:12 (if you're still up!)

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