Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scribe Period 5 10-24-2012

Today in class we started off by sharing our brain projects with Smith. make sure you use her newer email (, then we took a part three quiz for Fahrenheit  451. Afterwards, we took the notes listed below:
start out by taking the slides from the agenda (connected to thesis) and paste it to a Google doc.
When writing the in class essay make sure that you address both parts of the question.
Make sure it is only one sentence, and explains 3 problems that are happening in the book and stories.
-Technological addictions
-violence in children
-Lack of literature
-loss of Morals
-Really controlling government
- narcissism (selfish society)
- Lack of knowledge, lack of learning
-apathetic society
-Shortened attention spans
- Lack of relationships
-Lack of religion
-Wars without reasons
-Negative influence of media
-Lack of individuality
-Extreme censorship
-Lack of motivation
-Lack of hard work
-Entitled Society
-Questioning the government
Pick three of the examples listed above.
In the thesis for the in class essay state the titles, authors, and answer the question and add a why. You can use a semicolon to join two complete sentences together (use appropriately). Make sure to take a side on whether or not the warnings have come true DON'T BE WISHY-WASHY!
-topic sentence connecting to thesis
-quotes from at least 2 of the texts.
-Explain what the quote says, connect to points,connect to thesis
-Transition to next example
Follow this format for all three paragraphs.
Create your thesis statement

-Emily Harden :)

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