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Scribe for 10/24/12 Pd 3

Scribe for 10/24/12
Hello everyone, I hope you’re having an amazing day!
Today in Smith’s class we had a productive day and ended up getting a lot of work done. I hope that you finished your brains presentation, (it was due today)! Make sure that someone in your group shared the link with Smith at Also check that everyone's name and class period is on the project. We had a quiz on Fahrenheit today, if you missed the quiz be sure to look through the book for main ideas.The quiz was pretty easy so don’t stress over it too much. Smith also mentioned that we should be working on our banned book video and SAT exercises.
Make sure you are ready for the in class essay on Friday. You need to have an outline for the essay by tomorrow, I would recommend laying out your body and conclusion paragraphs and writing a thesis. To start on your homework you need to go to
Smith’s teacher page, agenda, Wednesday and thesis work. That will bring you to a power point. Please copy and paste the thesis slide on to a google document then write your thesis statment. Later you will need to paste the other slides on to your document, so you can go ahead and do that now too if you want. The prompt is: What 3 things are Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut trying to warn society of in “The Pedestrian” , Fahrenheit 451 and “Harrison Beargon”? How have these warnings come true? If you have never had experience with an in class essay here are some things you need to know: use good vocab, keep on topic, and watch your time. In class we focused on the thesis and the intro paragraph.

The Introduction: Your first paragraph is usually the attention getter, but for an in class essay start with your thesis which includes: titles, authors, restatement and answered question, and a why. Look in your pieces to find an interesting start; what did you read that suprised you about a potential future society, what did you agree or disagree with? Try to connect those ideas to the thesis, but only choose one side. Ms. Smith explained that the authors are warning us of several things here are a few : Minorities, technology dominance, public ignorance, persuasive government, passive thinking, the balance of the government and people, power, propaganda, loss of knowledge, total equality, form of government, civil liberties and rights, conformity, loss of relationships, loss of family, lack of education, lack of questioning the system/ authority, loss of critical thinking. I would determine which ones I would use by taking the main ideas of each piece and seeing which ideas work the best with them. Pick 3 of these and make a thesis statment regarding them. Make sure to answer the question and include a why. The thesis is one sentence only, use a semi colon for the second question instead of a period. Another idea you can use to help build your thesis is to use the titles and authors of the pieces, then say what they were warning us of and why and that has/has not come true in our society today. Ex; Kurt Vonnegut and Ray Bradbury in “Harrison Beaurgon” , “The Pedestrian” and Fahrenheit 451 warn society of loosing critical thinking, vicious propaganda, and loss of relationships because of the government and societies that are created; this has come true in our society today because our society is loosing track of what matters.

We didn’t have time to go over other parts of an essay but if you want to look ahead I would check the in class essay outline ppt. Have a wonderful rest of your day and email me at if you have any questions or need help with anything!
Rachel Haysley


-Write Thesis by tomorrow

-SAT 5 exercises and study for quiz on Monday

-Work on banned book and video

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