Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scribe Period 5 10/25/12

Today in class we worked on what should go into our outline, thesis, and the overall in class essay. Smith started out by explaining the powerpoint she has up on her calendar. That powerpoint explains pretty much everything you need to know about the in class essay. She went from slide to slide explaining and answering any questions that came up. (Here is the link if you need it) Smith's in class essay powerpoint. For the thesis you need to have three points but you will only use two. I will also list some points we listed in class. She explained that you need to include all three pieces in your essay but you will only have two body paragraphs. You still need to incorporate all three pieces in those two. You will also need a quote in each paragraph and a modern example of your point. She made it clear that you still need to do the outline for the third paragraph because you will turn in your outline. She also said how to internal document something. You will not have to include a work cited/ bibliography what so ever!
(Points for essay)
- technological addictions
- violence in youth
- lack of literature
- loss of morals
- really controlling government
- narcissism
- lack of education or knowledge
- apathetic society
- short attention span
- lack of relationships
- lack of religion
- negative influence of the media
- lack of individuality
- extreme censorship
- lack of motivation

- Outline and thesis due tomorrow
- SAT lesson and quiz Monday
- Banned book and project

Have a great day!

- Haden Waski

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