Thursday, December 6, 2012

12/6/12 Period 5 Scribe

Hey class!

Today we spent the entire day discussing pages 69-117 from 1984. The outer circle live blogged using Coveritlive. These are some of the questions asked is the inner circle, but not all. Some of the quotes from the book won't be exact, but gives the general idea.

  • What do you think will be the importance of the shop?
  • Page 81: “Freedom is the ability to say that 2+2=4”. How is that freedom?
  • What kind of Big Brother type characters do we see in the world today?
  • Page 61: Until they have become conscious, they will never rebel, and until they rebel, they will never be conscious”. What does that quote mean?
  • Do you think Winston and his ‘lover’ will ever make it?
  • Page 108: Talking about hate week, and what is hate week if two minutes hate is insane already and scary?
  • Page 69: “If there’s hope, it must lie in the proles.” What does that mean?
  • Who are the proles?
  • How is today’s society different from the society in the book?
  • Is the Lottery of our society manipulated and corrupt like the Lottery in 1984?
  • Why do people trust their government?
  • Winston writes in his diary, knowing it will condemn him to death, so why does he write in it?
  • Do you think the society in 1984 trusts their government, or fears it?
  • How do you think the girl broke her arm?
  • How do you think Little Brother will relate to 1984, and what do you think Little Brother will be about?
  • Why are Party members not supposed to visit the proles?
There was also a decently long discussion about how at school students are told to challenge the system, yet most of the time can't challenge the school's system.

  • Read 117-147
See you tomorrow!

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