Friday, December 7, 2012

Scribe December 7, 2012 Blk 5

Our homework is to Read:
117-147 by Tuesday. This is through Book 2 Chapter 4. Stop at Chapter 5.
148- 167 by Thursday. This is through Book 2 Chapter 7. Stop at Chapter 8.

We will talk about all of our finals events next week- we will do the math in class to determine what we need to get on the final to get the grade we want.

We then discussed our Loggel assignment*.
Some notes on the discussion:
-We chose to work with groups.
-What would we have done if it was a competition?
-Most want to be in charge of their own grades .
-Two types of people:
>People that are willing to stand up and share their ideas and take charge.
>People with good voices and ideas that won't stand up and share.
>Ability to present ideas well.
>We can all be leaders-some are more natural than others.
>Types of leaders:
>There are some people that are respected and listened to more than          others.
-When we are "shot down" or our ideas are criticized, usually we don't want to contribute anymore.
-When we don't support ideas, sometimes we don't do anything about it because it's easier.
>Are we just like the proles?

Main Question: How is this project similar to 1984?
-Do we just sit and make excuses? (How we were raised, wealth, etc.)
-Do we follow the rules?
-Are we drones of society?
>Did we ask for more time or pry for help from Smith?
-Do we trust our government?

*We can relate our class project to the trends of society.

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