Sunday, December 2, 2012

Period 5 scribe-November 30

November 30, 2012 (Period 5)

Today in class, we spent nearly the entire period examining our political cartoons/propaganda that we were supposed to get for homework. Everyone brought in two political cartoons, one from today and one from Orwell's time period.

To look at these cartoons: We got into groups of three or four and spent two silent minutes on every cartoon (one to just look at it and the other to write comments and observations). Then, each group decided on the best cartoon of their group to represent a cartoon from Orwell's period, and the best to be one from today (those cartoons are hanging on the wall). We looked at some of these best cartoons as a class on the board.

Link to today's agenda: here


  • read p. 1-69 of 1984 by Monday (we will be discussing it, then)
  • start reading p. 69-117 by Thursday
  • Loggel project due on Wednesday

(P.S. there is also that banned book competition mentioned in class that you can participate in in order to possibly win $1000 and a trip to New York City. There is a link for the description of that competition here.)

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