Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Scribe Period 3 12/4/2012

Scribe 12/4/2012

  • Loggel,
  • Reading 69-117 due Thurs.

Today, we walked into class, and the announcements came on. Make sure you bring in a toy in for Toys for Tots! We then watched the 1984 Apple Commercial, and then we watched the Clinton Version of it, Vote Different, on Youtube, then we talked about the video. We talked about these videos, and then compared and contrasted them. Then for the remaining time, we worked on Loggel. Don’t forget to have works cited! We will have presentations for it tomorrow, and make sure your group is prepared for that! You need pictures, and in your entry, you need to put in why it is important to 1984. It is up to your group to decide who will be presenting your Loggel. Practice your Loggel.

  • Early Life:  Dean, Elise, Sophie

  • Mid Life: Alexandra and Aly

  • Late Life: Ethan and David

  • World: Tyler and Rachel

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