Saturday, December 8, 2012

Scribe December 7th Period 3

December 7, 2012

There will be a fishbowl on Tuesday over pages 117- 147 (Book 2 Ch 7) which need to be read by Monday.  Reading through page 167 is due Tuesday but it would be a good use of time to read it over the weekend as well.

Today, we took the  entire class to discuss the leadership throughout the Loggel project, like it says on the class powerpoint.
We also discussed...

Reason behind the assignment: To simulate a government, communism, how people rise to power, how society either chooses to speak up or not to, how people will hope that it will all turn out ok.
Compares to 1984:  It’s easy to give others power even by choice,  people were compliant to sit back (and be a prole) and not speak up,  we naturally gave people power, the leaders behind the leaders (the party behind big brother).
We read the article Why I Write that is on class calendar on Smith’s web-page.  

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