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Scribe November 30th - November 30th

Scribe for November 30th, 2012 - Block 5
Daily Planner -

Today we looked at the cartoons everyone brought in as homework (requirements were one from the time period of Orwell and one from present day. If cartoon is in color, print it in color, if in black and white, print in black and white. All cartoons need to be printed off with font big enough to read easily).
Here is how we did this:
1) Designate a timer
2) Round one- look at each cartoon for one minute, analyze color, texts, positions, messages, words, images, etc...
3) Round two- Commenting: leave your impressions and observations.
5) Discuss results- 1 minute per cartoon
6) Decide which cartoons (one past, one present) are the best
7) Present cartoons to class

My group’s experience: 
-Numbers indicate what step it is
2)My cartoons/propaganda:

3) Comments made on "Submarine Service": She loves him because he volunteered -Saying “He went to serve, what a great guy..." -American colors  -You get ladies if you help out/sign up -Impression that if you serve and come back, you and your girl will be happy - She will be love with you/proud of you -Pro-war. Shows happy side of war, not sad, discouraging side
Comments made on "Still Trapped Underground": Confused voters - All the people and the voters are like "what!?!" - All worried about what is still underground - Republican happy, "cheering" - Cheerful colors - The Bipartisan House appears to have been "taken over" by Republicans.

5) Discuss your groups comments on each of the individual cartoons, 
spending a minute on each one
6) We chose my “Submarine Service” cartoon as the best past cartoon, and Riley’s “National Debt Tsunami” cartoon as the best present cartoon.

1) Read pages 1-69, chapter seven of book one - Due Monday
2) Read pages 69-117, which is up to chapter two of book two (don’t read chapter two!) - Due Thursday

3) Class Loggel Project - Due Wednesday
4) Banned Book Video Contest - Win 1,000 dollars and a trip to New York with a friend. More details at If interested, talk to Smith and/or Mr.Fisch.

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