Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scribe 12/12/12

Hello Class! 
Today we decided, as a class, what category the final essay should go in. We had two options to choose from:
Reading Comprehension (25%): 
200/479 points total which is 10.25% of our entire grade
Writing (25%):
100/460 points total
 and Critical Thinking (25%): 
100/490 points total 
As a class we voted on option one. 

We also discussed the outline for our final! 
It is recommended that you have an outline prepared for Friday in class. Remember: You need at least 5 different quotes from different books, but six quotes in all three body paragraphs. If you would like to get help and ideas from Mrs. Smith feel free to schedule a time in her planner! 

At the end of class we wrote our end of semester reflections and printed them for Mrs. Smith. We also had the opportunity to plug in different final grades to see what our overall grade would be. 

Homework for tonight: 
  • Read up to page 224 in 1984 for our fishbowl tomorrow
  • Final Outline
Have a good day :) 

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