Monday, December 3, 2012

Class Scribe Period 3, Dec. 3.

David started off the class by briefly talking about our class Loggel assignment. It was decided that all groups need to post their information to the Loggel tonight in order for the presentation to be done in time. All groups need to get on the Google document at a certain time.
Here's the schedule for tonight's meetings:
World Group: 6-7 pm
Early Life: 7-8 pm
Middle Life: 8-9pm
Later Life: 9-10 pm

Early Life has posted most of their entries. Using the Loggel is not as inflexible as it seems! No entries need to be deleted to add new ones. To add a new entry, click on "Edit Lifelogs". You will see a timeline. Click on 'Create Entry'. Scroll down and fill in your information. The Loggel will automatically adjust the entries to their proper locations based on the date of the entry. The date of the entry must be changed to the year/month/day for the event to be put in the correct order! We decided that World History would post it's slides before Early Life in the Loggel. The Early life entries DO NOT need to be deleted. Just set the year to 1902 or earlier and the slides will be first. 

Today we also held a Fischbowl for pages 1-69 of 1984. We used 'COVERITLIVE' to post our comments, which automatically refreshes the page. Zach and Elise learned how to manage this tool because Smith will be gone for our next Fischbowl on Thursday. You can view the conversation on the Class Blog

The daily agenda can be found here.
  • Read 1984: Pages 69-117 by Thursday
  • Loggel Assignment
By: Grace Engel

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