Friday, December 14, 2012

Scribe 12/14/12 blk 5

Today we solely discussed the class final. This will be an in-class essay that we will have 90 minutes to complete. The homework is to have your outline by Monday and to read pages 225-298 in 1984 when we get back from break.

Here are some notes from the discussion:

Due Monday
  1. Outline that is completely ready to go.
  • Filled out copy Smith's powerpoint outline Here
How Literature Motivates Change:
Dangers of totalitarianism (or other gov systems)
Problems of dystopias
Dependence on technology

Lack of knowledge
Change for the worse
Lack of individual power
Weakness of government
Misplaced trust (in individuals, government)
Guidelines for living
Dangers of compliance (status quo)
Savagery in human nature
Lack of relationships
Destruction of family
Apathetic society 

Lack of quality and privacy 
Society without variables

Mrs. Smith’s Example:
Intro Paragraph:

  • Thematic idea or topic to connect all points
  • Example of Attention Getter: inspirational quote, explain, connect to background piece, cite quote on easybib
  • Background information on each text: one sentence, about what it is really about
End Intro:
Try to avoid- 

  • Literature can be a motivator for social change because... 
  • the words change and motivate. use lexipedia
Some alternate suggestions:
  • The authors of the aforementioned texts use their words to motivate change by...
  • Literature is used as a reflection of society’s flaws and instigates social adaptation....
Smith's Thesis Outline:
  • “be the change you want to see in the world” CITATION
  • explanation of attention getter: what does it mean: Ghandi, caste system
  • background information: Sniper, This Way to the Gas, Ladies, 1984,
  • Thesis: Literature motivates humans more than society knows, humans make wrong in society, appreciate freedoms and inspire to change what they want to change
First Body: Realizing the wrong in society

First example: Sniper brother against brother
Lead in and quote:
  • quote says brother kills his brother
  • connect to point of the paragraph: make humans realize wrong in society  why would we want to kill own family members
  • connect to thesis: motivator for social change: stop war since its destroys families 

Concluding sentence

Second Example: This Way to the Gas Ladies and Gentlemen
Lead in and quote: 
  • connect to point of paragraph: not just killing brothers, genocide
  • connect to thesis: motivator for social change: war reduces people to numbers not humans
Concluding sentence

Second Body: Appreciate freedoms
First example: Inherit the Wind
Lead in and quote


  • Restate thesis not in same exact word
  • Review Points points made: what did you prove?
  • Final thoughts: back to attention getter

  • Show don't tell
  •  Order of points in thesis should be same order in body paragraphs

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