Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scribe for 1/24

1.  Grammar: Diagram and punctuation the two sentences.

2.  Met with Ned Kelly presentation groups to talk before presenting.

3.  Group #1: Grace, Ally, Alex, and Alexandra.
         - Movie with pictures with them talking about it.  Different songs for different times.
  Group #2: David, Bennett, Zack and Ethan.
-Prezi doc, Venn diagram, each one taking turns talking.  
   Group #3:  Rachel, Aspen, and Giovanna.  
          - Movie with pictures first, then each one talked.
  Group #4: Dean, Jake, Ian, Steven, and Jacob.
         - Prezi, venn diagram, each person talked,
 Group #5: Elise, Sarah, Lena, Allie, and Maddi.
         - Skit
4. Group #6 didn’t go.

Homework: Read through chapter 17 for fish bowl tomorrow,  CSAP packet is due tomorrow and the grammar quiz is tomorrow.

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