Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scribe for 1/30/13 Period 5

Hello all!

Today in class we continued discussing the English paper which will be due on February 14. Everyone should start really thinking about the structure and idea that can be used for their paper. Now is the time to ask for help, don't wait until the last moment to ask Smith for help. Remember you can reach her by email or by signing up in her planner. For reference look back at the websites of previous students (they are linked on Smith's website). You are only limited to what you can imagine, so put a lot of effort into this project.

The class went over grammar. Our first sentence is and independent clause and a simple sentence. The second sentence is an independent clause and a simple sentence.

Smith took an unofficial poll on the class. She asked us three questions: 
How many people didn't like either 1984 or Little Brother?
How many people liked 1984 more than Little Brother?
How many people liked Little Brother more than 1984?

For the rest of the period we had our final Little Brother fishbowl. Smith also checked that everyone wrote out three questions for chapters 18-epilogue.

Homework: Begin to think about paper structure and ideas.

That's all. Have a good day. :)

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