Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scribe for Period 3, 1/15/13

Today our class went over this weeks vocab, CSAP packet, and homework. We also began working on our 4th PLN.


pm     n      N     av      n
my friend alex plays tennis
          S    app    V      do

pn     n       N  lv art  adj        n        prep  N  op
our friend tom is the next president (after obama)
         S     app V                   PN      prep phrase

CSAP Packet

Keep on working on it, and don't forget to restate the question when answering the short answers!

PLN #4

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -Benjamin Franklin, 1759

This quote is the quote that PLN #4 will be answering to. Therefore, the summary will be relatively short (4-6 sentences) and the response will not be incredibly long either. Here are the notes taken for the summary:

Simplified version of quote:
People who give up rights to be safe don’t deserve rights or safety

  •  Title
  • Author
  •  Restate
  • Answer
  • Why?
  • Summarize Points
  • Conclusion

  • Topic Sentence
  •  Take a side (one side)
  • Why?
  •  **NO PERSONAL WORDS**(Ms. Smith wanted to challenge us this time)
  •  Concluding sentence
  • Pick two reasons from below:
Yes (if you do agree with quote):

  1. 1  Give up rights based off fear
  2. 2.     Rights have been fought for time and again
  3. 3.     Foundations of US –go against countries value
  4. 4.     Facade of safety
  5. 5.     Willing to give them up, why have them in the first place
  6. 6.     Incremental changes –give away a lot in the long run (ex: at airports, full body scans)

     No (if you don't agree with quote):

  1. 1.     If you’re dead, what’s the point of rights, need to be safe
  2. 2.     Difference between moderate to extreme safety measure
  3. 3.     Rights might only be relinquished over sharp
  4. 4.     Cause could be unjustified
Homework and Links

  • CSAP Practice: Einstein Joke
  • Finish PLN #4 and post to your own blog
  • Read Chapter 8 of Little Brother
This Week's Schedule:

Have a happy Tuesday!

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