Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scribe 01/10/12 Period 3

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today in class we:
1. Went over the Thursday Section in the purple grammar packets that we were given on Tuesday.
2. looked over the CSAP packet.
3. For the rest of class we watched videos advertising new technologies.

-First the class went over the Thursday Section in the grammar packets. This included punctuation and capitalization. Then we went over diagramming the sentences as a class. Here is a photo of what everyone's paper should have looked like at the end of this week:

  • Review the parts of speech that the class worked on this week. Be able to recognize what each part of a sentence is, break it down, and label a provided diagram of it. QUIZ TOMORROW ON WHAT HAS BEEN LEARNED SO FAR. 
    • Help: maybe set aside five minutes of studying practice by writing your own example grammar sentence that includes the same components as used in class then label them all
    • You will also be able to use your purple packet on the quiz tomorrow but it won't help if you don't know where to look.
    • Smith told us how important it is to make sure we capitalize and punctuate the sentences provided in order to get the simple points. 
-Smith answered questions about the CSAP packet which is also DUE TOMORROW.  
    • Make sure that every section is filled out: essay bubbles, diagram, and essay response question.
    • For the diagram in the short story questions you are asked to put statements in either the literal or figurative category. 
      • Literal- actually happened
      • Figurative- anything using literary devices
    • Helpful Hint: Sometimes underlining key words in a question is wise.
-Smith then had the class watch three videos that give us an idea of just how advanced the world's technologies today are. The reason we watched these videos is to help us transition from the old technologies of 1984 to the up to date technologies like in Little Brother showing the large amounts of change.
  • The first video was about how when the IPhone 3 first came out, there was an app on it call the Bionic Eye. The Bionic Eye has the ability to access the IPhone's camera and if, for example, you are in front of a mall with restaurants inside, the Bionic Eye then looks into the mall and on the screen it shows little icons for each of the restaurants in the mall and the distance. If you have decided which restaurant you want to go to, you click on it then make the camera face the ground and arrows will direct you to your destination. For this App you didn't even need Wi-Fi. 
  • One of the videos was a TED talks about the advanced technologies that are currently being worked on at MIT. The device here is a camera that is worn around the neck. This camera can connect to a phone which then connects to four caps that go on the fingers. Basically the caps on the fingers allow for you to do any movement against a solid surface and the camera then projects a screen to match the person's motion. With this, you would be able to take pictures, and use internet whenever you wanted. This technology in a way is like a sixth sense. 
  • The final video we watched today was about Gorilla Glass. Which is the idea that one can be completely dependable on this for cooking, alarms, text, work, driving, school, calls, Skyping, and so much more!
    • After each of these videos the class talked about the advantages and disadvantages to each of these technologies.
-CSAP Packet
-This week's grammar packet (prepare for quiz tomorrow)
-Have Little Brother by tomorrow

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