Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scribe 1/24/13

Hey class!

So today we mainly shared our various presentations about the connections between Marcus Yallow from "Little Brother", the Chicago Seven, and Ned Kelly, with a small amount of grammar review beforehand. The two sentences we used for the grammar were "jeb likes cars but he can't drive yet" and "david saw the movie alvin and the chipmunks in his kindergarten class". The six groups who presented there various presentations were:

  1. Sarah and Nate (Nate was absent though): they did a Prezi
  2. Ethan, Emily Ha., and Victoria: Prezi
  3. Julia, Gabby, Dom, and Kate: skit
  4. Capri, Riley, and Olivia: slideshow
  5. Lindsey, Lauren, Taylor, Rebecca, and Erica: slideshow
  6. Scott, Emily W., and Kasi: slideshow
  • Read through chapter 17 for fishbowl tomorrow
  • Finish the CSAP packet "Hunger"
  • Study for the grammar test tomorrow
  • Have three questions ready from chapters 13-17 in "Little Brother"

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