Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scribe 1/23/13

Hey Class!

I'm sorry this is late, but here is what we did yesterday. At the beginning, we practiced grammar using the sentences "jeb likes cars but can't drive yet" and "david saw the movie alvin and the chipmunks in his kindergarten class". Then, for the rest of the period, we worked on our presentations for the project that was due today, the connections between Marcus from "Little Brother", the Chicago Seven, and Ned Kelly. Intermittently Mrs. Smith called up kids to examine CSAP (or now TCAP) scores and to explain what to shoot for for the upcoming TCAP tests.


  • Read through chapter 17 for the fishbowl on Friday
  • Work on the CSAP packet "Hunger"
  • Finish the presentation for Thursday (today)


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