Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Block 5 Scribe 1-29-13

Welcome to Mrs. Smith's 5th Block

  • Read to the end of Little Brother (Epilogue and After word too)
  • Write down 3 questions to go with the Little Brother passage
  • Work on CSAP packet (Due Friday)
  • Think about Little Brother/1984 Paper
Grammar for Today
Verb (There is more than one!)
Preposition/Prepositional Phrase/OP
Direct Object
Sentence One:
can you come over and watch the movie casablanca after school

Sentence Two:
the ahs chemistry club visited boulder colorado for an experiment

Little Brother/1984 Paper Prep
Due on Valentine's Day (2-14-13)
  1. Topic
  2. Ideas
  3. Modern examples
  4. Figure out how you want to showcase you paper
  • Power Point about Paper is on Agenda Calendar for Week 4
    • Ideas for learned and not learned
    • We generated ideas in class
  • One part of paper is what have we learned
  • Second part is what haven't we've learned
  • Third part is where are we going as a result of the 1st two (problem we see)
  • Fourth part is how are we going to fix the problem we see
  • No personal words any where in paper
  • Have to use Little Brother and 1984, but can use other sources too
    • 1st and 2nd paragraph need examples from Little Brother, 1984, and Modern Day
  • Should not resemble a black and white paper
    • you can use video
    • you can use pictures
    • you can use animations
    • you can use graphs
    • you can use any thing you want to (different colors, fonts, ext.)
    • only requirement is that it needs to cover the four different paragraph prompts (there still needs to be writing)
Ideas we Have Not Learned
  • how far privacy can be taken
  • know where the line between control and protection resides
  • benefits of a controlling government
  • how to solve problems in our own society
  • the importance of our personal freedoms
  • the balance of safety vs. security
  • how much government
  • difference between a terrorist and an activist
  • dependence on technology for knowledge
  •  the dangers of apathy
  • one person can change the world
  • trust between people
  • how to solve your inner struggles
  • the importance of individuality
  • consequences of complacency
  • meaning of equality 
  • putting too much faith in the system (name system)
  • how truthful the government is
  • how to know what is right
  • how to look past our selfish desires
Ideas We Have Learned
  • how to compromise
  • power of a group
  • importance of expressing opinion and emotions
  • how to recognize problems in our own society
  • change doesn't by itself
  • technology isn't always used for good
  • we have to make something happen
  • making people aware of the problem
  • strength in numbers
  • scaring people into complacency 
  • bystander effect
  • technology can be used for good
  • how much power the government has on us
  • importance of having support of people you close to
  • people see things differently
  • how to motivate social change 

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