Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scribe 1/15/13 Period 5

Hello all!

So we started out class with an introduction to a new student. Her name is Sarah, make sure to say hi. Smith handed back our grammar worksheets, grammar quiz, and CSAP packet from last week.

“Einstein’s Practical Joke” CSAP packet is due on Friday. The class talked about some techniques that can be used to help; read all questions first, circle key words, and use process of elimination. Make sure to write in complete sentences. Question 16 deals with theme; don’t forget that the theme is not the same thing as the plot. The theme of a story is commentary about humanity, something that makes us look at ourselves.

On Monday, the substitute gave us a two grammar sentences for the week. Smith decided to change on of them. Instead of using “my grandma from Germany makes strudels”, the new sentence is, “our friend tom is the next president after obama”. The class learned about appositives (in the Tuesday section on the purple grammar packet).

Another PLN has been assigned; summarize and respond to a quote by Ben Franklin.  The PLN is due tomorrow (January 16).
“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” Ben Franklin, 1759

Do you agree with what Ben Franklin said?

The topic sentence of the summary should restate the main idea, answer the question, and include the author. Restate the quote in the next sentence, and then explain what the quote means. The summary can be about 4 sentences.  

In the response take a side. Do you agree or disagree with Ben Franklin. The topic sentence should include your position and an explanation of that position. Give two examples to support the topic sentence.

Do not use any personal word in the PLN.

The class spent some time brainstorming. Here is what we came up with:

Agree with Franklin:
Safety precautions invade personal freedoms 
Live life without freedoms, not a life worth living
Freedom is an all or nothing deal- you are either free or not
Need to value living life under own rules not someone else’s rules
People died in vain for freedoms, is sacrificing freedoms for safety
Give an inch, they’ll take a mile...

Disagree with Franklin:
If you’re not safe, and happen to die, liberties will be lost anyways
            Responsibility to protect kids
            Total freedoms without precaution would result in anarchy
            Not willing to let people die in vain for situations that could have been prevented.

Finally, there are two articles linked here. Smith would like for us to read them. The articles relate to what we are reading in “Little Brother”.

HOMEWORK: PLN due tomorrow (1/16), CSAP packet due Friday (1/18), read chapter 8 tonight (read through chapter 12 for fishbowl on Friday).

That is everything, have a good night. :)

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