Monday, January 28, 2013

Period 3 Scribe 1-28-13

Scribe 1-28-13

First we got our CSAP packet for this week called Words to Live By. (Some people already had this from last week because Smith accidentally handed this one out on the day we had to move to a different classroom)

Next we did the monday section for our vocab.

For our sentences we had no new parts of speeches.

First sentence for grammar: can you come over and watch the movie casablanca after school
  • Can is a helping verb. (hv)
  • You is a pronoun. (pn)
  • Come is an action verb. (av)
  • Over is an adverb. (av)
  • And is a coordinating conjunction. (cc)
  • Watch is a action verb. (av)
  • The is a article. (art)
  • Movie is a noun. (n)
  • Casablanca is a proper noun. (N)
  • After is a preposition. (prep)
  • School is a noun. (n)

Second sentence: the chemistry club visited boulder colorado for an experiment
  • The is an article. (art)
  • Chemistry Club is a proper noun. (N)
  • Visited is a action verb. (av)
  • Boulder is a proper noun. (N)
  • Colorado is a proper noun. (N)
  • For is a preposition. (prep)
  • An is an article. (art)
  • Experiment is a noun. (n)

Next we finished our fishbowl from friday that was cut short.

While we had our fishbowl, Smith walked around checking our questions for chapters 13-17

At the very end of class Smith talked a little about the essay that we will be writing about the connections between 1984 and Little Brother. We found out that we will be writing about three topics that connect these two books. What we have learned, what we haven’t learned, and where we are going.

  • Read 17 through end of the book due Wednesday
  • Think of problems that have been revealed in our society after reading these two books.  Also think of flaws in the book’s society.

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