Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scribe for Period 3, 1/ 22/13

Today our class was handed out CSAP Practice (and went over it briefly) and started grammar. We also started working on a project.
CSAP Practice
We talked briefly about the paragraph at the end of the packet. The things to include in it would be: Title, author, restate, answer, and why? (for the topic sentence), what was the man like (in the beginning and the end), the change, and the concluding sentence.

N   av    n    cc  pn   hv     av   adv
jeb likes cars but he can't drive yet
 S     V     do         S              V

                                                     N                        poss
  N     v   art     n       (                  ^                 ) pre pn          adj          n
david saw the movie alvin and the chipmunks (in his kindergarten class)
   S       V           DO    (                 ^                   )               PREP           OP
                                                    app                                                      ph

We started brainstorming for a project in which the question is "What does Marcus (from Little Brother) , Ned Kelly, and Chicago 7 have in common?" We got into groups, researched and laid out how we would put together the presentation. Ms. Smith also informed us that we were not to use powerpoint for this project. This project is due on Thursday.

Homework and Links
  • CSAP Practice: Hunger
  • Grammar
  • Read Chapter 13 and 14 of Little Brother
  • Marcus/Ned Kelly/Chicago 7 Project
This Week's Schedule:

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