Monday, January 14, 2013

Scribe 01/14/13 Period 3

Monday, January 14, 2013
We missed you today Smith!

 Today in class we:
1. Went over the new grammar sentences (and followed the Monday steps in our purple packets)
2. Were given new CSAP packets
3. Had a fish bowl over chapters 1-5 (through 5) of Little Brother
4. At the end we were given our Semester 1 grades all on a printed piece of paper

1. Grammar Sentences Week Two:
-All we did today was the Monday Section in our packetsfirst sentence: 

  pn               adj                n              av                 n
my friend alex plays tennis

second sentence:

 pn               n             prep             n                  av           art      adj           n
my grandma from germany makes the best strudel

2. CSAP Packets Week Two:
-Remember to read:
1. Directions
2.  Questions
3. Story

3. Fish Bowl Discussion:
-Most of the discussion in the inner circle was directed towards the topic of Security or Freedom? due to the drastic measures the police took against Marcus and his friends in the very beginning of the book.

4. Grades:
-Semester 1 Report Cards were handed out


  • Read Little Brother chapters 6-7
  • Einstein's Practical Joke (CSAP) packet DUE FRIDAY

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