Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29th Scribe Period 3

Hello All!

Today, we started class by talking about our upcoming essay. Here are the notes from that discussion 

Have Not Learned

  • no perfect system
  • no perfect society
  • not an introspective society
  • government doesn’t always do the best for the people
  • division between generations
  • balance between the individual and the group
  • using force rather than compromise
  • prejudice
  • sacrificing rights for safety
  • government taking away personal freedoms and rights
  • the underestimation of teenagers
  • true role of society
  • true role of the individual
  • power of words
  • power of manipulation
  • power of technology
  • power of money
  • fear turns into control
  • trouble recognizing true values
  • understanding personal motivation

Have Learned

  • The government does not always have the individual's best interest in mind
  • Fear inspires action
  • people are pawns of the enemy (the government)
  • delicate balance between freedom and security
  • perspective decides who is the hero and who is the enemy 
  • change does not manifest by inaction
  • not everyone can be trusted 
  • be introspective
  • one person can inspire can spark a revolution
  • how governments can maintain or gain power
  • human nature is flawed
  • lack of power of the individual
  • power of a group

During and after our class brainstorm, Smith talked more about the paper. 
Summarized, Smith said:
  • freedoms>structure
  • you can NOT rely on Smith to make decisions for you
  • this is a LIFE CHANGING piece that will represent you forever
  • 1984 and Little Brother MUST be used as examples but you can use other pieces in your essay (Fahrenheit 451, Harrison Bergeron, exct.)
  • how you lay out your essay will determine the point of view of the whole piece
    • For a positive point of view
      • Haven't learned ---> Have Learned ---> Where are we going?
    • For a negative point of view
      • Have Learned ---> Haven't Learned ---> Where are we going?
  • keep in mind that the point of this essay is to CONNECT 1984 and Little Brother 
  • Here are Smith's tips to preparing for writing the essay
    • Find the topics that really movie you. You are going to have to connect that topic to 1984, Little Brother, and modern society so pick topics that really make you think. 
    • Start finding examples from text and modern news. The sooner you start finding examples the more time you have to really find the BEST examples for your essay. Remember, this piece is going to be public and so you want it to represent your best work not something that you just threw together.
    • Start thinking about where we are going as a society. Again, the more time you have to think through this topic the better your end product will be.
Moving on, everyone please keep in mind that we have a Fishbowl Tomorrow! Also have 3 questions about the reading ready to show Smith!
The fallowing is a list of people signed up for the fishbowl tomorrow

  1. Allie Brown
  2. Jake Becker
  3. Aspen Golding
  4. Lena Chavez
  5. Mollie Gardner
  6. Alexandra Larsen
  1. Sophie Yano
  2. David Merkel
  3. Jacob Goodman
  4. Rachel Haysley
  5. Ian Pastorius
  6. Zach Upthegrove
We also did grammar today:

Sentence 1)
   can you come over and watch the movie casablanca after school
          (S)     (V1)                       (V2)           (do)      (app)          (prep ph) (OP)

Sentence 2)

     the chemistry club visited boulder colorado for an experiment
                   ( subject)       (V)           (do)                     (prep ph) (OP)

Also! Here is a link to the essay outline if anyone wants to get a jumpstart on that. 

Also remember that tomorrow is a late start day!

  • CSAP packet "Words to Live By"
  • 3 Questions for discussion
  • Read through the end of Little Brother
  • Think about your essay!

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