Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scribe 1-25-13 P5

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today, we started off class by finishing our presentations on Ned Kelly, Marcus Yallow, and The Chicago Seven:

-Ally, Sarah, Faith, and Emily - slideshow
-David, Zach, Max, and Hunter (absent) - Prezi
-Hayden and Tony - Prezi

*The winning group from our class was Erica's group, who made facebook pages for the people we were studying

Next, we took our second grammar quiz and turned in the CSAP packet: Hunger along with our practice sentences.

**If you would like to get ahead on your CSAP packets you can pick up the ones for the upcoming weeks in Smith's classroom

Finally, we moved into our fishbowl discussion about Little Brother, we discussed the following:

  • Was his decision to hold a press conference good? - no, it went wrong
    • Can this happen with going to the press too? - he had no choice to go to Barbra he had -to do something while he still could, but puts others at risk
  • Why don’t they show the faces of people on the cover, who is it? - you can put yourself in their shoes, they want to stay anonymous ( x for xnet and xfactor)
  • Trust issues - parents, girlfriends, governments, teachers - one thing brought it all down
  • How will the relationship between Marcus and Ange turn out? - what’s the problem between having an only physical relationship? will they fall apart?
  • What are some connections between 1984 and Little Brother?

    • **We are going to finish the discussion on Monday

    • Homework: Read through chapter 19 in Little Brother by Monday and to the end by Wednesday
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