Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scribe Wednesday January 16, 2013 P3

Hello class, 

Today we started off with our announcements as usual, homework was then assigned and Mrs. Smith clarified a few things. As this usually happens, we had about eight eighth graders come in and watch our class. For the fishbowl on friday the 18th, she would like you to have three more questions added on to the three that you have already written. You should be reading through chapter 12 of "Little Brother." 
  • Bennet D.
  • Ethan S.
  • Giovanna V.
  • Maddison N.
  • Grace E.
  • Erina R.
  • Leah T.
  • Mollie G.
  • Nicole B.
  • Haleigh S.
  • David H.
  • Sarah S.
  • Aly D.
  • Elise A.
  • Alex J.
  • Steven Goldy

We had a question come up today about what if you were gone on friday and you were in the fishbowl... LIVEBLOG!!! No exceptions. We then moved on to grammar which we will be having a test on friday. So far these are our sentences. 

  pn     n      N     av      n         Independent Clause
 my friend alex plays tennis    Simple sentence
          S     app     V      DO

 poss               link                                  OP
 pn     n      N   v art   adj       n          prep     N        Independent Clause
our friend tom is the next president (after obama)    Simple Sentence
          S    app V                    PN        prep phrase 

Next year they are trying to make classes to what intrest us so we took a survey online, the steps are below.
  1. Go o Arapahoe home page.
  2. Click on the language arts tab, no teacher just the tab.
  3. Take the freshman survey 
  4. Your done. 
Since in class we have been on the topic of security and rights we took a look at a video on you tube about airport scans, and what they show and dont show. Don't worry it should be in German. Also keep in mind that this scanner is over four to five years old, what will they look like in the future?

Another class also had to take this survey and they didn't have computers in their rooms so we switched rooms for about the last 40 minutes of class, we read and then worked on our CSAP packet. (Hint: the answer to 12 is the last one!) 

Have a nice rest of the day! 

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