Thursday, February 21, 2013

2-21-13 Scribe Period 3, David Harrell

Hello everyone:
Today we introduced our new poetry assignment, the homonym poem. We also need to bring in a photograph for tomorrow printed off in color, preferably with a person in it. After that, we did our DOL punctuation and diagramming. Also, Smith has asked us to make our Google sites with our papers public so that she can view them. For the DOL test tomorrow, it is recommended that we study participles in our grammar packets. After that, we received a poem (Mother to Son, by Langston Hughes). We first looked at the title to determine its significance. On the first read of the poem, we are not supposed to pass any judgment about the poem, we are just supposed to read it in depth. After that, we annotated the poem and wrote down our thoughts in the margin. We then shared our thoughts with a partner. Next we pulled up a poem that was linked in her daily power point.We looked critically at this poem as well. Our HW is to bring in a photograph, and to write the homonym poems.

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