Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scribe Period 3 2/5/13

1.      Went over homework, you can find the power point slide for the day here.

2.      Here is a picture showing the grammar for today. The added items are in blue.

3.      We discussed attention getters for the paper on Little Brother and 1984.

·         An attention could be a quote, question, video, song, or song lyrics.

·         The most important part is to not forget to include an explanation of the attention getter immediately following it.

4.      Questions about the paper were answered, some of these include:

·         Preferably no questions in your paper, unless you directly answer them.

·         Look at the list of stuff to remember while writing, found at the link above.

·         It might be helpful to create a formal Works Cited document, and also an informal one containing the in-text citations.

5.      The rest of the class was worktime!

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