Thursday, February 7, 2013

Scribe Period 5

Period 5 Scribe

Vacation Update: 1 week until four-day weekend
Week 5 (this week): Regular week
Week 6: 4-day week
Week 7: 4-day week
Week 8: PLC week
Week 9: 4-day week
Week 10: TCAP week
Week 11: Warrior week
Spring Break
Week 12: Regular week
Week 13: PLC week
Week 14: Regular week
Week 15: Spring Pep Assembly (Friday)
Week 16: PLC week
Week 17: Yearbook Distributed (Monday)
Week 18: Regular week
Week 19: Finals

Mrs. Smith is back! She recommends having your introduction paragraph, your first body paragraph, and second body paragraph done tonight so the weekend can be spent on the third body paragraph (where we are going) and revising and editing the first three paragraphs.
Extra notes:
- make sure you cite all photos, videos, and quotes.
- it is a good idea to link your citation to the original source
- if you are using original material (i.e. they belong to you), make sure you cite that too! Mrs. Smith doesn’t want anyone else stealing your material.

CSAP: use literary vocabulary in final question

After a large argument regarding yesterday’s  decision on the types of sentences and clauses, the class finally decided that the first sentence (carla recited...) is one big independent clause- and a simple sentence.
(For diagrams, see Mrs. Smith and/or a classmate who was here today.)

For now, here are the final sentences (with punctuation and capitalization):

1. Carla looked at herself in the mirror and recited the poem “Fire and Ice”.

2. We saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Buell Theater after we saw the play at A.H.S.

Mrs. Smith explained that when ending a sentence with an acronym, there is only one dot at the end of the sentence. Other explanations:
- An ellipsis (commonly known as “...”) has three dots when connecting two thoughts, or acting as a comma. When it has four dots (“....”) it is ending a sentence with the pause.
ex. If only... we could do grammar more often....

Essay Time!

We then divided into groups (brainstorming, writing, and peer editing) to work on our essays.

- CSAP packet due tomorrow
- DOL due tomorrow (study for quiz)
- work on second body paragraph

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