Friday, February 22, 2013

Photograph Poem

Looking at your photograph, write a poem from two different perspectives. Write a poem as the person in the picture. Tap into your methods of figurative language exploring what this character might think, say, touch, feel, smell, and sound like. Then, change direction. Be the outside observer viewing this person. Once again, tap into your methods of figurative language exploring what this character might think, say, touch, feel, smell, and sound like. Don't be afraid to try and use some of the poetic devices we have studied. Maybe the two characters meet- what happens in the exchange.


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    1. -Smith, don't read my homonym poem, I like this one better

  2. It is a miracle
    that I am alive
    after thanksgiving
    I'm glad I'm not pie.

    That fate sadly befell
    my friends in the patch
    who were served with turkey
    when they met their match.

    That's why I smile
    so gleeful and happy
    because I was spared
    from a very long nappy.

    Though my guts were ripped out
    which gave me a fright
    They made the room
    for a candle so bright

    That is why I smile
    from one ear to the other
    because I was not
    part of Thanksgiving supper.

    My! Look at that pumpkin
    smiling so!
    He looks so realistic
    but annoyingly so.

    Smiling pumpkins
    just creep me out
    I wonder what they're always
    smiling about?

    Why should I care?
    I guess there is no need
    He made those delicious
    baked pumpkin seeds

    And not only that
    but little does he realize
    he later will make
    a nice sweet pumpkin pie...

  3. Houston the Eagle Has Landed

    I am nervous, sweating,
    the beads of perspiration
    are beating down my face.
    I am making history.

    The shuttle’s door opens.
    I slowly descend the ladder.
    I’m at the bottom rung, my left
    foot hung precariously over the edge.

    The time is 10:56 p.m.
    July 20, 1969.
    I saw him make his descent.
    I saw the first man land on the moon.

    He made his country proud.
    In a time of need, in a time
    of war.
    He made history.

    “That’s one small step for man,
    one giant leap for mankind”(Armstrong)

  4. Being Part of a Team

    we all mash into the photo with our matching ponitails swaying in the wind

    iphone cameras flash and bursts of giggles come from the back row

    we stand in the after school sun smiling till our lips hurt

    but we reflect what the team is made of


    I look at the rushed setting of my soccer team

    two of the girls I’ve known since preschool

    The team is so close we are at the point where we don’t play hard

    we enjoy ourselves

    where push ups are faked and yoga comes into regular streching routines

    and every practice is more laughing than work

    when we care about the team more than the win

    every game is congragalated

    I remember our rivals with electric blue cleats

    and long hair

    the days where we playfully shoved eachother on the field

    I stand proud next to the other defenders

    the girls who have my back as I play center

    as I have their back when they play outside

    the last camera clicks

    immedietly we kick soccer balls and they go soaring in the air

    another girl is ready to make a perfect header

    our heavily accented coach gives a high five yelling “one more time!”

    his signature phrase

    we all laugh

    we know we will have fun every time

    I take the picture and pin it up in my locker

    although I’m older and slightly taller I still have one thing in common with the old me
    my favorite part of the game is the team

  5. It’s breathtaking, what I notice
    Though I’ve been here many times before
    Now I expand my focus
    Truly observing the majestic shore

    With the sea salt smell,
    thick in the air
    And the waves, they swell
    Rolling and climbing like a stair

    And the rocky terrain beneath my feet
    Disappears into the sand across the beach
    Blends together, can’t see where they meet
    Despite how far my eyes reach

    And the sun, blazing down like a spotlight
    Beating down on my upturned face
    Hand over my eyes to spare my sight
    Looking out over a bright, burning place

    With my hair pulled back, exposing my skin
    Yet still pulling wispily along in the breeze
    And growing across my lips, a grin
    As I warm and bake in the comfortable degrees

    And looking out across the landscape,
    A figure there, atop the spread of sand
    I barely can see it, just a faint shape
    The sun obscuring my eyesight, even below my hand

    Looking up, though it hurts my eyes so
    Squinting through the streams of sun
    Upon the rocks, farther up, though
    A faint standing figure, just one

    Yes I see it, far along from me
    With my feet sinking into the compact sand
    Burning to my skin, but soft and welcoming to see
    Below the source of this heat, my skin becoming tanned

    And the slight wind, filtering through my short hair
    Cooling, in the blazing atmosphere
    But obstructing to my traveling stare
    As into every direction, I peer

    The clouds, rather thick in a light blue sky
    Though the sun beats through like always
    And search up for long, I do try
    But my eyes, still too sensitive to the rays

    I feel the mist from the mighty ocean
    Crawling up along the beach where I stand
    Fighting up in just one strong motion
    Slowly consuming the land

    And still I see the figure atop the rocks
    And I feel it looking down on me, as well
    Curious, it seems, as its stance talks
    Though body language doesn’t always tell

    And curious, I am, to the shape among the sand
    And it seems it sees me, too
    But it’s hard to tell, peering along the length of land
    Making out the details, impossible to do.

  6. This moment so perfect
    And now captured in time
    The bells of today bing sweet with a chime

    The hustle and bustle will still move along
    But this instant right here remains
    And now this photo my camera contains

    New York is alive with people and light
    But this once in a lifetime trip must end
    And I say goodbye to the big apple, my new friend

    I walk down the street annoyed and alone
    Tourists everywhere always in the way
    I ask myself, what’s so special about today

    Yes, we have tall buildings and big city lights
    But taking a picture of a tree is really not needed
    And my level of patience has just been exceeded

    Unbelieveable I sigh to myself
    A tourist moves along with a bop in her step
    And I roll my eyes at all of her pep

  7. Children and Chickens

    The chicken are downy
    All covered in feathers
    Yet only two corporate
    So one of us has to hold a basket

    The hay is sticking to me
    I try to be motionless
    As the oldest, I have to be
    a good role model for the youth

    Two others plus me makes three
    Posing for a picture
    Mom making us laugh
    Right as she takes the photo

    As I look at my three fabulous children
    I can't help but feel pride
    Their father would be so happy
    to know that we're getting along fine

    You can tell that they are trying
    not to let the chickens go wandering
    But as they pose for the picture
    I want them to be happy

    I make a funny face
    They all laugh
    Click, a perfect shot
    They make a great image

    As we get ready to move on
    I tell them I love them
    And in reply, my oldest daughter
    tells me she loves me too

  8. Beauty: Picture of a girl looking in the mirror

    From the girl’s view:
    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who’s the ugliest of them all?

    All I see are my imperfections
    All I see is a hideous monster

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who’s the ugliest of them all?

    I have too many blemishes
    Not enough beauty

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who’s the ugliest of them all?

    My eyes are too big
    Same applies for the shape of my body

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who’s the ugliest of them all?

    Wishing I was a model, asking
    Why can’t I be her?

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who’s the ugliest of them all?

    I lack talent and looks
    Giving up is all that works

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who’s the ugliest of them all?

    I’m not smart enough
    I’m not talented enough

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who’s the ugliest of them all?

    They were right
    I’m not good enough
    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who’s the ugliest of them all?

    No, don’t answer.
    I’m the ugliest of them all.


    From the world’s view:

    I see perfection
    I see beauty
    I see her as skinny
    I see a model
    I see talent
    I see brains
    I see gorgeous blue eyes
    I see a button nose
    I see just the right amount of freckles
    I see the girl behind the makeup
    I see the girl with messy hair
    I see her adorable shy smile
    I see laughter, but too many tears
    I see her hiding
    I see the girl behind the makeup
    I see the light within her
    I see the girl who lightens every room and every life
    I see the real you

    I wish I could see you smile
    I wish I could see you again

    Girl meets world:
    Dear Girl with Beauty,
    Hello there
    You may not know me
    But I just wanted to share
    A little about your stunning beauty

    You seem to be forgetting
    How perfect you are
    You shouldn’t be fretting
    When you’ve come so far

    Why can’t you see
    The glow from inside of you
    You mean so much to me
    You’re talented in all that you pursue

    Please don’t leave
    I’ve noticed your shine
    At least I believe
    That you are fine

    Dear Stranger
    I was always invisible
    Until you told me what was true
    My life was divisible
    All I can say is thank you

  9. I don’t know when I fell asleep
    but I did.
    It must have been the music
    that had been flowing so effortlessly though my guitar,
    or maybe it was the sunshine
    that finally decided to show itself after the long winter,
    the meadow was so beautiful
    the wild flowers called softly for me to lay down among them
    just for a second.
    I don’t know when I fell asleep
    but it wasn't until he woke me up that I even realized I had.

    She was the most perfect person I had ever seen.
    Almost glowing in the sunlight.
    I was just out for a walk when I saw her,
    at first I thought she was a ghost
    or more possibly, an angel,
    asleep in the meadow, guitar next to her
    the picture of beauty.
    It took me so long to get the courage to walk up to her
    I just wanted to see her closer
    see her beauty in more detail.
    I truly didn't mean to wake her.

    I must have only been half asleep when heard his footsteps.
    I think he must have stood there a while
    trying to decide what to do,
    I almost smiled to myself
    I knew what he was thinking
    a crazy young hippie “embracing the ways of the earth”
    not someone to be messed with,
    he was probably here to ask me to get off his land
    or something,
    but I waited for him to to decide what to do
    mainly because I was comfortable, and the sun was warm
    and maybe, just a little, because he was cute.

    He walked up slowly, carefully,
    then tripped over a branch and cursed quietly to himself.
    I opened my eyes, only because I wanted to him stumble,
    he looked at me
    startled to see my eyes open
    and a little embarrassed that I had seen him trip,
    he cleared his throat,
    maybe to give himself time to think of something to say
    he said finally
    I just raised one eyebrow
    he looked down, shyly, and continued;
    “You’re very beautiful.”

  10. Flashes of brown
    emerge from the green
    as we move through
    the forest
    yelling and calling
    as we run.
    The air is light
    and the ground slightly damp
    the croaking of frogs
    and the feathery breeze
    make the leaves
    dance and shake
    as we run swiftly
    just us two,
    behind the farm.

    As I stand on the ridge
    above the green sea
    I watch the two kids
    playing together
    they are jumping off rocks
    and scaring the birds off
    just like they always do
    it's times like this,
    in the warm summer day,
    when they look the closest.

    As the camera is raised
    to capture the sibling love
    the two children sense a presence
    they look up
    to the aunt intruding
    on their time
    and they run
    so they don't have to stop playing.

  11. Thirty-five people had come to sit by me that day.
    I had spent thirty-five dollars and received thirty-five stories in return.
    Stories of triumph and sadness.
    Each person seemed to be so individual.
    It made me think about what it was like to be sitting on the concrete ground beside myself.
    To look at me, to speak to me.
    I wonder what it was like to pour out secrets, feelings, and situations to a stranger.
    Perhaps it wasn’t scary because it was safer to tell everything to someone you hardly had the chance of seeing again.
    It was refreshing to listen to the words of others.
    It was refreshing to listen in general.
    I think we all talk too much and listen far too little.
    I guess that’s my mission now, simply to listen and speak when asked.
    People bother me less that way.


    I stood by the stand and watched him from a distance.
    His dark hair and clothes clung to his body.
    “Tell me your story and I’ll give you $1.”
    It was strange that he was paying people to take up his time.
    I just wondered how many dollars he had given up that day, how many hours he had spent sitting on the sidewalk.
    Was it worth it to approach him and tell him I was willing to be paid in order to tell some secrets?
    Perhaps venting to someone could be valuable.
    I wondered where I’d start.
    Maybe he had a method of how he was going to get my story to come out.


    Finally I overcame my fear and walked towards him.
    The girl with gray hair had gone off by now.
    Confrontation seemed safe.
    I sat down beside him and he smiled at me like he cared about everything I was about to say.
    I felt confidence in myself and started from the beginning.
    Not really the beginning of my life, but as far back as I could remember.
    He never really seemed to be bored with my words.
    I could tell he was absorbing each phrase, turning it over in his mind and then moving to the next.
    I was happy to be revealing what I thought; my mouth was a waterfall of words.
    And we sat until the sun went down, and at the end, he handed me one dollar and I left without a word.


  12. Walking hand in hand,
    I start to understand,
    What it means to love.

    My brother and I,
    My mother may sigh,
    “Oh, will they ever get along?”

    The wind pushing back,
    Ah, how good it feels to lack,
    The loud noises of the city.

    With people gaping deep,
    At the tall, structured steep,
    The direct sun beams wide.

    How cute, the little brother and sister
    Oh, how I need a mister,
    To help shape a dream of mine.

    I can’t help but gaze,
    With an expression of amaze,
    I want a family exceedingly.

    As we stroll along the pathway,
    I see a woman slowly turn away,
    With a dreamy look in her eyes.

    “She must want kids like us”
    My brother whispers to me.
    I really hope she gets her dream.

  13. A Simple Celebration

    In that moment,
    So much happiness that meant
    We had just won
    A team, combining together to be one.
    Tired smiles,
    Full of pure ecstasy

    But on the outside,
    A single moment
    Not remembered,
    Simply captured.
    Looking on,
    Seeing joy, but feeling none
    Sure a smile, but they can’t tell
    Can’t feel the pure elation
    That results from a victorious run

    The moment passes, forgotten by some
    Only to be looked back on,
    By the ones who won
    As that great moment
    When we were done
    Nothing else mattered, we had just won
    But to the others,
    Just another day
    Just another track meet
    Just another race
    Just another winner
    Just another celebration hug.
    But to us, to you and me
    We know
    This moment is special,
    It may be our last,
    A reminder of our bittersweet past

  14. Waves crashing
    Water slowly filling the boat

    The water is Ice cold
    No heat for hours

    I can slowly feel my toes freezing
    And I see the boat slowly sinking

    The others pretend not to see it
    But they do, and they have called for help

    It begins to rain
    And all hope seems lost

    But then the fish start coming
    The fish circle the boat

    They are swimming into the nets
    And then the rescue boat arrives

    We arrived to an almost sunken craft
    Overflowing with fish and icy water

    The men shouted and waved
    With pure elation in their eyes

    We quickly loaded the men onto the ship
    Except for one

    He would not leave without the fish
    He couldn’t leave without his catch

    The fish were his life
    The fish were what fed his family

    But our vessel had no space for fish
    So then we began to compromise

    We finally got everyone on board
    Along with half of the fish

  15. Stonehenge
    Who could tell the difference?

    Only in America,
    An exact replica
    Down to the astronomical placement

    One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen
    Its quiet, beautiful, and so serene

    In the open land of Lexington, Virginia
    Not quite as mystical as the original enigma

    Exploring the henge was such a blast
    I hope to return super fast!

    A tourist exploring as usual
    Little does she know its nonrenewable

    The artist will never repair,
    Every touch causes a tear

    I can’t believe she would be so oblivious
    As to destroy an attraction this mysterious

    “Are you going to repair this yourself?” I ask
    Her intense stare answers, “I can accomplish this task”

  16. I walk next to him in the sand,
    Craving the touch of his hand,
    I smile and laugh at all of his jokes,
    Our path a painting, our steps the strokes,

    As he speaks I watch his lips,
    At the straps of my pack, my finger grips,
    The goal ahead of us, don’t look back,
    The sun sets and we both fade to black,

    His mouth opens and holds in place,
    He pauses for a moment and slows his pace,
    “I love you” his voice whispers and rasps,
    I watch as she meets my eyes, and gasps,

    She smiles so large I think she might burst,
    I’ve thought it many times, but aloud this is the first,
    She mutters the response I could only dream of,
    I continue to walk on, with my one true love.

  17. First Perspective:
    I run fast in lane seven
    If I place, in this race, I will be in heaven
    If I lose, crazy, I will be driven

    As I begin to run in this race
    The wind rips across my face
    And I wonder if I’ll even place

    The people against me have worked so hard
    By pain we have all been scarred
    Can I make this extra yard?

    Second Perspective:
    It is obvious who has won
    But does he realize he’s number one?
    And that this race is done?

    He started the race so fast
    The viewers here are all aghast
    His reign will surely last

    The fans cheer and scream
    Out of everyone he is supreme
    Winning this was his a dream

    2nd P: Finally he crossed the line
    1st P: That trophy is finally mine

    2nd P: The others must be upset
    1st P: This moment, I will not forget

    2nd P: He reaches far
    1st P: I feel just like a star

  18. She is beauty
    She is wanted
    She is courage
    She is adored by all
    She is strong
    She is perfect

    I am crumbling
    I am broken
    I am a role model
    I am dissolving
    I am breaking open for everyone to see
    I am pressured to be perfect

    Never being able to live up to their expectations
    Always perfect never flaud
    The perfect person
    A broken girl

  19. Delicious juicy burger
    Delicious salty fries
    Delicious creamy frosty
    I can't help but smile
    I feel so perfect
    There's no place I'd rather be
    Fast food
    For low prices

    Hungry watching eyes
    Hungry growling stomach
    Hungry watering mouth
    I can't help but desire
    I feel so starved
    I'd so much rather be in there
    Be her
    Instead of me
    At Wendy's

    I take a bite out of the burger
    I walk through the glass doors
    I munch on my crunchy fries
    I step up to the table
    Somebody approaches, I'm interrupted
    I sit down at her table
    "Hello there, friend," I say
    "Same to you," I respond
    There's no need for words
    She shifts in her chair
    I slide over the rest of my food
    I smile
    It's impossible to frown
    While eating a frosty.

    1. FYI, in the third stanza, each line alternates between characters. It's confusing, I'm sorry.

  20. I Am Not A True Coloradan
    By: Alexandra Larsen

    Whenever I hear the words
    Breckenridge or Keystone
    I nod along, but this is absurd
    hopefully with this secret i’m not alone.

    I’ve never been skiing!
    After twelve years here
    I am not normal Colorado being
    and no you didn’t mishear.

    The ice and skis just aren’t me
    just aren’t my thing
    its not like i’m a strange absentee
    Id rather be in a boxing ring!

    Yet it keeps me downtrodden
    I hear the same saying
    “You aren’t a true Coloradan”
    yet its going to take more swaying

    So next time you say
    “I’m shredding some gnar”
    ill meet you halfway
    and just say “au revoir”

  21. Man’s Perspective:

    I hold a power in my hand
    Nature in my grasp, as if I am in control
    The moon is mine to hold
    The light, the calmness, the mystery, all in my possession

    A floating disk pulled down to earth
    Connected to a string, like a balloon
    I wish to pluck it out of the sky
    To take it home, for it to be mine

    This pool of light will never be mine
    It floats too high, it continues to fly
    To soar through the sky free of all domination
    It is time to let go.

    Moons Perspective:

    A lonely soul standing on a hill
    He seems blue, misguided, unseen
    Hiding in the shadows unaware of my presence
    I am the watchful eye, seeing deeper than the common eye

    He comes here often, perhaps to think
    Maybe to stand, to be alone, to be seen
    When will he realize that he is not alone
    That I am here, the watchful eye, a friend.

  22. That blue heaven above
    So vast and pure
    And that never ending horizon
    With not a scar in sight
    Beneath my feet
    Persevering plants
    Oh, nothing is wrong here

    How small I am
    In this beautiful world
    Where everything is bright
    and sweet-tasting
    This smile never slips off of my face
    Why would it?
    Nothing is wrong here

    Sweet child, how naive you are
    Kept in the shadows
    Yet it is somehow the light
    Always optimistic
    Inexperienced, hopeful
    My wish for you
    That you will always stay blind
    Eventually, sorrow will come
    Reality will hit
    Innocence will be lost
    But until that time, child, with the wind in your hair
    And eyes below the counter
    Keep your smile
    (For the world will steal it away)
    In time, it will fade

  23. The Shot

    The Player

    Epinephrine races through my veins, like a shot of liquid power
    It ignites my muscles and, for an instant, I feel truly alive
    The clock ticks down, counting to the end of the hour
    It is in this moment that I truly thrive.

    I sprint past the defenders, just trying to reach the goal
    The goalie prepares for the shot
    I take aim carefully, right between the goalie and pole
    I move my stick and the ball goes in, faster than thought.

    The Spectator

    He runs up field, dodging and swerving as I watch him go
    His legs speed up, chewing up turf like Bolt
    He moves his stick, but it’s a fake, he doesn't throw
    The opponents are tricked, to them it’s a true jolt.

    The kid moves closer, searching for a chance
    I notice he moves like a dancer, as I watch him run
    He looks at me, just a quick glance
    As he shoots and scores, I can’t help but scream "That’s my son!".

  24. My picture was of the Marine kissing his love in the ticker tape parade after WW2:

    Joy and jealousy

    For so long he’d been away
    For so long I had missed
    For so long I would pray
    He’d come home and we’d kiss

    His arm on the small of my waist
    His lips sealed to mine
    Our love I could finally taste
    Our desire finally thrive

    Such passion and lust
    Such support and trust
    Such pain is now over
    Pain turned to dust

    This pain has yet to end
    I never will forget her
    A clear message she sends
    As the two of them grow closer

    If I would've stayed true
    If I would've shown love
    She'd be my baby too
    We'd fit like hand in glove

    In the arms of another man
    Kissing one who isn't me
    Wishing I could hold her hand
    Wishing she would see

    Our eyes met
    Our hearts stopped
    Our future was set
    The past must be dropped

  25. I am a river.
    Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall,
    Here, you will find me all year long,
    Always running, always whispering,
    Flowing through whatever is placed in my way.
    I am unstoppable.
    I am beautiful.
    You will never find me alone,
    With a breeze perpetually by my side
    Life all around me.

    I am a tree.
    Ever growing, reaching out for the sun.
    Shivering in the breeze,
    Branches supporting lives other than my own.
    Green covering every place it can.
    I am strong.
    I am full of life.
    You could compare me to a good friend,
    A helper to everything around me.
    I am life.

  26. Every night I toss and turn
    Waiting for the people to come back to play
    Even though the water is cold
    Those people go in it anyway
    They laugh scream and run
    All day through the sun
    Then the days come to end
    And the orange sparkles off me
    The crabs come out to play
    And all the people go home
    Then it starts all over again

    The days starts with fun and games
    Laughing and having fun
    Finally the sun descends
    The clouds turn into wisps
    Glinting off the clouds and sea glass
    The orange glow sparkles across
    The sand in between your toes
    Your sisters by your side
    And you think this is okay
    Vacation has come to an end
    And this was the test
    The orange glow a constant reminder
    That this is the new family

  27. Days like these I wonder:
    How does the world spin?
    Days like these I wonder:
    Where the world begins?

    Every time I question:
    Who am I to be?
    Every time I question:
    When will I be free?

    Days like these I wonder:
    Could I just say hi?
    Days like these I wonder:
    Or would I just pass bye?

    Every time I question:
    Does she see me too?
    Every time I question:
    What I am to do?

    Days like these I wonder:
    Will we ever meet?
    Days like these I wonder:
    Love at just one greet?

    Every time I question:
    Where is my prince now?
    Every time I question:
    When will I be wowed?

    This day we do not wonder:
    Could this love be true?
    This day we do not question:
    Is my true love you?

  28. “Now we return to Safari Guide, with Kim Jong Un”

    “And over in this direction lies a herd of White Elephant, native to Korea,
    My favorite animal is the White Elephant
    It’s large, powerful stature, reminds me of myself
    And our great country.”
    I look so handsome in this hat,
    Sometimes I enjoy the old Western fashion
    I find it very casual
    And easy to pass the time in.

    My goodness,
    I hate filming this guy.
    He looks so stupid in that hat
    “The White Elephants are notorious for being the largest,
    and the fiercest land animals”
    We don’t even have another person to narrate,
    Someone is going to die if I have to do the green screen too.

    “Not bad today Sam!”
    “My name is Michael.”
    “Mikey. Hand me my coffee.”
    “Just a sec-”
    “Sammy just give me the coffee”
    “Okay, calm yourself”
    “I will calm myself when I get my coffee.”

  29. DomB2016

    Speedo Guido

    I stride along, large and quite proud
    Although I am quite fluffy, just like a cloud

    I call attention to that lass over there
    The one that is tall and has pretty gold hair

    We lock eyes from across the pier
    As I walk along towards my ice cold.... soda

    She smiles and says hello
    And I saw her wink, at my luscious chest flow

    Although my accent is thick, just like my waistline
    I know I look super fine

    Oh my gawd, do you see that guy?
    It’s disgusting, like I just want to die

    I hope he doesn’t see me
    I’ll pretend I have to pee

    Because he is so nasty
    When he comes to talk, I’ll be gone fastly

    I hate when guys dont shave
    Its almost as bad if they didn't bathe

    I just want a guy that is a hottie
    And not one with a hairy body

    I’ll just sit and wait as he does his thing
    And if he comes over I’ll yell and scream

    “Hey baby, what's up”
    “ummm... Hi?”
    “You, Me, Movie. I’ll pick you up at 8”
    “Yeahh.... No.“
    “It will be fun”
    “I have a boyfriend”

  30. Long hours in the hot sun
    They worked

    Whips upon their backs
    Blood spattered the fields

    Their agony flavored the air
    They screams voiced the night

    They retreat to that place
    Their safe place in the woods

    Entering, all problems slip away
    Into the dark of their owners

    A snap in the woods
    Reality sets in

    Back to the fields