Friday, February 22, 2013

2-21-13 Scribe Period 3, David Merkel

Hello Everyone!

Today, in class, we covered lots of information regarding our poetry unit.

Our homework, due monday, includes the completion of the art poem. The art poem was based on a picture we selected on wednesday. The poem must be completed and can be free versed. For more information look at this. Also, post your poem on the google site.

Other homework includes the completion of 2 out of the 3  poems. The poems are

The persuasion poem-  Info

The Homonym poem- Info

The photograph poem- Info - Put your poem and picture onto the google site with your art poem

These must be completed by Monday. Be prepared to share one of your poems.

While presenting our poems, the class will participate in a Poetry Gala. The class will dress up in formal apparel, and bring decorations, food, and refreshments.

DJ- Alexandra

No cashews

Food                                                   Refreshments                         Plates/Utensils

Cookies-Grace                                   Sparkling Apple Cider- Lena    Plates- Lena
Brownies- Mollie                                 Lemonade- Elise                      Napkins- Haleigh
Food- Giovanna                                  Coca-Cola- Ethan                    Cups- Maddison
Cupcakes- Sophie                              Sprite- David                            Utensils- Erina
Pretzels- Bennet                                 Mountain Dew- Dean
Food- Alexandra                                 7-UP- Nicole
Donuts- Zack
Fruit Tray- Aspen

Decorations                                                                     Lighting
Table Cloth-Aly                                                                 String of lights- Sarah

In class, we turned in our CSAP packet and the vocabulary sheet. We finished taking the grammar quiz and then received work time for the rest of the class.

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