Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scribe 2/5/13 period 5

Hey guys-

Class started out with going over homework for tonight. Homework is to have your intro paragraph and works cited done by tomorrow. Do not forget the CSAP packet is due on Friday!

Next, we did grammar. We worked on sentence parts and phrases.

Sentence 1: carla looked (at herself) (in the mirror) and recited the poem fire and ice
                     S         V            OP                  OP               V2        [    appositive      ]

sentence  2 : we saw a midsummer nights dream (at the buell theater) after we saw the play (at ahs)
                     s1   v1  [                   DO                 ]                OP                  s2   v2        DO       OP 

Then we started going over how to write an introduction paragraph.
Things to remember! No personal words, no contractions, no hypothetical questions, no questions without answers, citations, lead-ins, etc..., expand your vocabulary!

We then split up into groups to work on our project.     

Remember...keep up with your paper! You do not want to fall behind.

Good luck :)

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