Friday, February 22, 2013

Poem to Share


  1. Ethan Snow


    Humankind stands before a great mountain
    He begins to climb
    Aspiring to an ascent of the towering peak
    To reach a higher purpose
    To rise above his own corruption
    And as he nears the top
    He finds himself conflicted
    He cannot assent within himself
    He can neither concede nor compromise
    Down he tumbles, felled
    Once again by the hubris and deceit of
    His own nature
    And with Sisyphus standing
    In his shadow
    He begins once more the eternal climb


  2. Water flowing
    Colors glowing

    Lily pads floating
    No one is gloating

    Animals flying
    No one is crying

    Nature at peace,
    Stress release

    The pond so serene
    Everything is so nice and green

    Watching the water
    Is someone’s daughter

    A girl who needs to get away
    Because it is a beautiful day

    Sunny and bright
    Birds are in flight

    The colors look painted
    None of them are tainted

    My mind is going to immerse
    The art is so diverse

    The picture is so splendid
    some of the colors are blended

    I’m so fond
    Of the art of this pond

  3. Bennet Daniels
    Hour: 3

    Bass Surfing

    The feeling of complete control
    Is something many people live for
    As you hear the creaks in the wood
    And the wind blowing through it

    Then you realize, you're surfing on a bass
    People begin to stare
    The music playing
    By the one who plays and surfs

    His talent is limitless
    As he plays the morning blues
    The leaves begin to fall around
    And the wind begins to stir

    He continues with his melodies riffs
    As minutes become hours
    He continues the effort to impress all around
    In the background stands towering buildings

    He continues with his show
    Until the wind begins to blow
    When no one is left
    He returns to where lives to play another day

  4. Times have changed since the sixties
    Believe it, it's true
    we no longer have payphones
    eight tracks
    or the smurfs who are blue.

    Now we have Apple inc.
    which has solved the world's mess
    because of Steve Jobs
    we no longer must stress.

    Did I mention, by chance
    that you have failed to get me
    a mac of my own
    and i feel you have forgetten me.

    Just hold your horses,
    I know forgetten ain't right
    but if I'd had my own laptop
    I could have gone to some site
    Where they teach you to rhyme
    with the utmost of class
    so you don't have to say forgetten
    and look like a... donkey.

    Along with the fact
    that laptops make you smarter
    they also help you
    find foods good with tartar

    You know I love cooking
    The mixing and shaking
    all of the while
    your dinner I'm making

    In case, just in case
    you had not yet caught
    I get all of my recipes
    from one spot.

    is that special place
    where I get the instructions
    for the cuisine which I make.

    So now you see clearly
    throughout this great poem
    I need a computer
    and then I can show 'em
    the ways which I rhyme
    with dignity and grit
    and find recipes to cook
    so I don't look like... you know.

  5. You say that I am just a friend
    And that you hope our friendship will never end

    But every day we have a fight
    And every time I say it’s all right

    The only thing that I ask
    Is really quite a simple task

    Just take the blame
    Then do me a favor and forget my name

    My anger for you grows ever greater
    As I must be my own vindicator

    So please just leave me be
    So I can finally be free

    By the time I say I’m Leaving
    You finally understand why I was grieving

    You said that I was just a friend
    And now I know that it can end

  6. Alligator Eyes

    Big alligator eyes,
    A fire in the sky.
    Bring to front
    Another universe.
    A separate
    World, I can traverse.
    Through those alligator eyes.
    Oh, wide alligator eyes.
    The strong, determined glare,
    Know my bones to the bare.
    See my heart
    And leave it there,
    Racing. On flare.
    Huge alligator eyes.
    Feel the alligator eyes.
    Like a snow of blue
    Or the penguin that flew.
    Red grassy lawn a nigh.
    It's an alligator sky.
    And there,
    Always there.
    True alligator eyes.
    Forever, alligator eyes.

  7. Splatters of Life
    Leaving traces, bursts of colour
    All over the sky
    Happy, excited
    Splatters of life

    Reds, oranges, yellows
    A sunrise here, a desert there
    Blues, purples, greens,
    outer space and the mountain majesties

    Even greys and whites
    have their place
    as the moon
    and the sky.

    Painting my way across
    the universe;
    every colour I leave behind
    is a new world I’ve explored

    And when I reach the middle
    my elaborate twists and leaps
    are too much
    My brush can’t keep up

    And when I stop
    I suddenly see
    A map.

    Where I’ve been
    Where I am
    Where I will go
    All rolled into one

    Excited to see
    my journey continue
    I dash a bit of orange
    And then a drop of red...

    And then I’m dancing across
    my universe again.

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  10. Where Everything Started...

    This is where everything started;
    where my dreams became reality.

    The rhythmic splashing on the shore,
    was my beat.
    The moist, compact sand,
    was my stage.
    The ever present ocean,
    was my audience.

    This is where everything started;
    where my dreams became reality.

    When I was tired of pretending,
    this is where I came.
    When nothing worked out,
    this is where I came.
    When I needed to feel free,
    this is where I came.

    This is where everything started;
    where my dreams became reality.

    After years of practicing,
    after years of falling, failing,
    this is where they found me.

    This is where everything started;
    where my dreams became reality.

    I’m older now.
    I’m what they call famous.
    I came back, back to this place,
    back to my place,
    because everything is different now...

    This is where everything started;
    where my dreams became reality.

    Instead of the splashing shore,
    I hear symphonies.
    Instead of sand,
    I dance on world class stages.
    Instead of waves,
    I see and meet new people everyday.

    This is where everything started;
    where my dreams became reality.

    But I will never forget
    this place, my place.
    I will never forget...
    where everything started.

  11. Secret Garden

    In my own secret garden
    I wait patiently
    Motionless, quietly
    Without a peep

    The birds swirl above me
    In a dance of romance
    The rain falling gently,
    Sweetly to my feet

    My umbrella is my protection
    My shield against the drizzle
    I wait for my companion
    In the slowly rising light

    Soon he will come
    Soon it will be
    Only him
    And only me

    In our own secret garden
    Glorious and serene
    Surrounded by the land
    That was just gently washed clean

    Pure and turquoise
    The water smoothly flows
    Topped by silky lily pads
    And onward it goes

    Dazzling and exquisite
    Exotic beyond belief
    I wait for my beloved
    Under a canopy of perfect delicacy

  12. Please get out of bed
    Come with me

    So much awaits us
    Listen to my plea

    The dark is a mysterious mist
    Awaiting our presence

    Our courage will be put to the test
    I feel a strange essence

    Please I’m begging now
    I don’t wanna go alone

    This is a life or death situation
    I’m hearing a drone

    If you let me leave the room
    You’re sending me to my doom

    I will not come back in one piece
    If you do not come with me

    I will even give you a dollar
    If you agree

    I’m thirsty
    But there’s a monster downstairs

    I need you to go first to turn on the light
    Afterall, you are older, and it’s only fair

  13. Art Poem:

    Its rays so sweet and its glow so warm
    The only time it's missing is during a storm

    It gives light and brings the promise of a new day
    Throughout the hours it is pulled across the sky in a flaming sleigh

    On the beach it warms your skin as you lay
    And the boats hum to its rhythm in the bay

    The mountains bow to it and the waves follow it
    To give it one name just seems so unfit

    But the end of the day we must wrap up the fun
    And I must say goodbye to my beloved sun

  14. Art Poem:
    Life is made up of the little things.
    The little things show just how much you care.
    Caring helps you connect with others.
    Others mold the world into a joyful place.
    A joyful place makes life worth living.

    A life worth living starts with the little things.
    The little things can consist of anything.
    Anything that portrays a feeling of love.
    Love links to roses.
    Roses illustrate the love in life.

    Roses are the little things,
    and the little things make up life.

  15. "Veronica"

    Please, please, my dear, come back
    My days without you seem to lack

    I miss your sweet beautiful smile
    The kind that lit up your face and stretched on for a mile

    I wish to see the sun on your golden locks
    Upon your bedroom door I still knock

    I long to see you dance and play
    The simple things that made you gay

    I've heard the gates are pearly white
    I am selfish here and I need your light

    I’m sure you love the place you now reside
    But we need you here, I must confide

    Remember those times we would play
    Please come home if only for a day

    Descend those stairs you once climbed
    Forget those bells that we once chimed

    When you left here the skies turned black
    And I do not think they will ever go back

    So you have made the final journey
    But I’m still haunted by that tiny filled gurney

    I’m sorry for asking, please, don’t think me weak
    Without you our family seems so very meek

    I yearn to see your cute little hands
    There is no one like you in all of the lands

    Please baby girl, please come home
    We searched everywhere we could possibly roam

    Spend a moment down here from heaven
    I yearn to witness the day you turn seven

    To a cousin so precious and so very sweet
    The sound of your giggle is such a treat

    Each day we wish to grow stronger
    Do you think this time apart will last any longer?

    Here on this earth you used to thrive
    How is it fair that I am alive?

    The day that you left the world went still
    Without you, my dear, this world has no thrill

    Here lies the great deceit
    Promises of safety that were left obsolete

    Please, please return
    The earth continues to cry and refuses to turn

    You were stolen by violence
    And my answer is found within the silence

    Your coming arrival is uncertain
    For you have crossed through the final curtain

    I know you are not coming back
    Thus our hearts have continued to crack

    But please, please, my dear, come back
    My days without you seem to lack

  16. Please just try to understand
    It would be really grand

    To drive around town
    without a frown

    I'll fit nice and snug
    In my beautiful bug

    How about yellow?
    It can be nice and mellow

    If you buy me that car
    I'll give you a chocolate bar!

  17. Please stop what you are doing and look,
    Playing music from the iPod I wish I took,

    The noise flowing out is simply awful,
    Country music should be unlawful,

    The lyrics may seem passionate,
    But they were just written for the cash in it,

    Whatever Cowboy Sean says about cruising,
    Is only forming an exit for the brain cells your losing,

    Every time he says summer, truck, or baby,
    Rethink what you’re doing and just maybe,

    Save everyone around you from the torture you’re causing,
    Look at the album cover of boots and consider pausing,

    Put on something less about the South,
    And experience pure joy by word of mouth,

    I’ll accept anything but what you have on,
    Please just make that noise disappear and gone.

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  19. I don’t know when I fell asleep
    but I did.
    It must have been the music
    that had been flowing so effortlessly though my guitar,
    or maybe it was the sunshine
    that finally decided to show itself after the long winter,
    the meadow was so beautiful
    the wild flowers called softly for me to lay down among them
    just for a second.
    I don’t know when I fell asleep
    but it wasn't until he woke me up that I even realized I had.

    She was the most perfect person I had ever seen.
    Almost glowing in the sunlight.
    I was just out for a walk when I saw her,
    at first I thought she was a ghost
    or more possibly, an angel,
    asleep in the meadow, guitar next to her
    the picture of beauty.
    It took me so long to get the courage to walk up to her
    I just wanted to see her closer
    see her beauty in more detail.
    I truly didn't mean to wake her.

    I must have only been half asleep when heard his footsteps.
    I think he must have stood there a while
    trying to decide what to do,
    I almost smiled to myself
    I knew what he was thinking
    a crazy young hippie “embracing the ways of the earth”
    not someone to be messed with,
    he was probably here to ask me to get off his land
    or something,
    but I waited for him to to decide what to do
    mainly because I was comfortable, and the sun was warm
    and maybe, just a little, because he was cute.

    He walked up slowly, carefully,
    then tripped over a branch and cursed quietly to himself.
    I opened my eyes, only because I wanted to him stumble,
    he looked at me
    startled to see my eyes open
    and a little embarrassed that I had seen him trip,
    he cleared his throat,
    maybe to give himself time to think of something to say
    he said finally
    I just raised one eyebrow
    he looked down, shyly, and continued;
    “You’re very beautiful.”

  20. Conviction

    My persuasion is to make you speak with conviction.
    A part of you, a symbol, and addiction.

    To speak your mind, no likes or you know?’s
    Conviction should be something to openly show.

    It seems that the newer generation has lost interest.
    As caring less about things we should treasure more is the best.

    People find it strange to be excited about a subject.
    Having a love of knowledge is not proper in public.

    Every teenager loves to be apathetic.
    But in all reality it’s really pathetic.

    So speak with conviction, and mean what you say.
    Or the meaning of words will just go away.

  21. Someday

    “Once upon a time”
    You said those words to me
    Once upon a time
    How sad that’s all we’ve become

    I wish I could hold you again
    And you could laugh once more
    And we could dance alone again
    In the sun’s glow

    Instead I am here
    Reading your heart’s story
    Instead, I am here
    Weeping at your words

    It was once upon a time
    When you wrote to me
    Asking me to a dance
    “Teenagers,” said my mother, “they would never have a chance”

    But we proved her wrong
    The dancers all cleared
    And left us alone with no music, no words
    Just us, rocking back and forth

    That’s when you cleared too
    Not from my heart, or my mind
    But to a place far away
    With only the feather

    Everyday you would write to me
    “Someday my darling”
    And each time I would cry
    You never saw my tears

    Instead, I used a feather
    And wrote about what was happening at home
    But I never told you
    How much my heart longed to be back in your arms

    The feather holds our story
    To each and every twisted tale
    The ink holds our longing for love
    Sparkling in your eye

    But eventually the feather was all I had left
    You never saw my tears
    The ink dried, and I still cling to your words
    “Someday my darling”

  22. I hate spiders
    They are good hiders

    Their eight hairy legs
    Standing on pegs

    Waiting to pounce
    As they bounce

    Every night
    They give me a fright

    But I always look
    Before I cook

    And when I go to bed
    I peek my head

    Under the bed
    If they’re there I turn cherry red

    But I always check
    So they don't scare the heck

    Out of me
    So I flee

    Spiders are so yucky
    If there are none I feel lucky

    To this day
    And my dismay

    They show up before I sleep
    I hope they don’t keep

  23. Would you care to give a second thought?
    To the pain this decision has brought?

    Your choice to move is not your own
    Leaving Illinois does not affect you alone

    This house right here is my home
    The only one I've ever known

    Aren't family and friends
    More important than beginnings and ends?

    And the school, where I had everything planned?
    One life, never given a chance to expand

    Already the feelings start to slip
    My past and present doing flips

    Take my hand, pull me back
    Oh how much I've lost track

    Would you go back and give a second thought?
    Before my world is all but wrought?

    Choose the future that should have been mine
    The one I've longed for all this time

  24. Denver
    friday five A.M.
    it becons at dawn with reaching neon lights and shadows of streetlights
    frosty mornings bring tired adults into warm coffee shops
    morning car rides carry laughing children with rolled out of bed curls prepared for the long day
    and the soon to come weekend
    they wade through tired classes with friends by their side
    the sun starts to set as warm soup and hot choclate makes it’s way to family movies on the sofa
    and then comes the games
    cleats are tied up over old socks worn by the years
    the fields are lit by yellowed streeetlights as soccer players take the grass stains and the cold
    knowing how one day they will make it big in the city
    back at home two dreamy toddlers stare up at the stars and try to grasp their wonder
    siblings stay up late into the night talking about dreams and fears and life
    I look across town seeing smiles and hopeful glances
    I love Denver
    I love my home

  25. What A Sight (Art Poem)

    Hills of wonder,
    Hills of grace,

    Trees grouped together,
    As the colors reflect the fall.

    Filled with beauty and glory,
    White-tipped mountains tower to the gray sky.

    No loud, city noises to disrupt,
    The peaceful, glorious scenery.

    The smell of autumn overwhelms,
    With green to yellow to red leaves.

    Mountains, trees and grass,
    Swallow the never ending view.

    Oh, to be wonderous,
    Oh, to be graceful.

  26. Every day on the way home
    I pass the roots of a great magnolia tree
    Standing for ages
    Tall and proud
    Watching over me
    As I take the route home

    Each day I admire its beauty
    Leaves and blooms
    Reaching for the sky
    Roots buried deep in the ground
    Watching over me
    As I take the route home

    Sometimes I sit in its shade
    Petals drifting over me
    Scattered by the wind
    Gently swaying
    Watching over me
    As I let my thoughts fly

  27. I used to be was a tree
    Constantly surrounded by nature

    Always being needed
    An abundant source for the animals around me

    Then they came
    And cut me down

    I was wisped away
    Gone to fill a new purpose in the world

    I used to be a tree
    Now I’m a book

    Adored by many
    But soon the admiration ends

    I’m just another story
    Surrounded by others like myself

    Collecting dust
    On an old shelf

    As time goes by
    I eventually fade

    Pages ripe
    Writing fades

    Soon I end up in the trash
    Tossed away

    Replaced by something new
    Never to be adored again

    I used to be a tree
    I am now just a shadow of what I used to be

  28. Homonym Poem

    Team- a group/unit working together, group of people forming one side of a sports competition
    Teem- to have many numbers in one place, to swarm, to pour out/empty

    Our family, our team
    We work hard for each other
    Dedication teems
    Standing next to our brothers
    As shadows grow long
    We continue
    To run along
    Prepared to make a debut
    One team, one goal
    Victory is in sight
    We all play our roles
    For this we will fight
    We come prepared
    As a team
    Excitement flares
    Finally we teem the field

  29. Between the lines of imagination and reality
    A balance of words, an illusion of what to come
    Judgement of the future, and memories of the past

    Insensitive decisions threaded through lies
    Delusive light hidden in darkness
    Interpretation inept of improvement

    Between the lines of once upon a time
    Cummulative mistakes among callous remarks
    Painful illusions of what could have been

    Meticulous reasoning in a web of uncertainty
    A machination for oblivious destruction
    One, guarded and vulnerable, braced for disclaim

    Between the lines are secrets unknown
    Forever to be preserved in crystal evasion
    Everlasting, sustained between the lines.

  30. Man’s Perspective:

    I hold a power in my hand
    Nature in my grasp, as if I am in control
    The moon is mine to hold
    The light, the calmness, the mystery, all in my possession

    A floating disk pulled down to earth
    Connected to a string, like a balloon
    I wish to pluck it out of the sky
    To take it home, for it to be mine

    This pool of light will never be mine
    It floats too high, it continues to fly
    To soar through the sky free of all domination
    It is time to let go.

    Moons Perspective:
    A lonely soul standing on a hill
    He seems blue, misguided, unseen
    Hiding in the shadows unaware of my presence
    I am the watchful eye, seeing deeper than the common eye

    He comes here often, perhaps to think
    Maybe to stand, to be alone, to be seen
    When will he realize that he is not alone
    That I am here, the watchful eye, a friend.

  31. What's Inside

    Sighing when they're smiling
    Crying when they're laughing
    Hiding when they're joking
    They think that I can't hear
    The words they always speak
    And so I hang my head
    I close my eyes
    Don't show them that I'm beat for now

    Running when they're searching
    Giving up when they're starting
    Shaking when they're teasing
    They think that I'll break soon
    But I know so much better
    And so I turn around
    Face them again
    I'll show them that I'm too strong now

    Because it's what's on the inside, on the inside
    And it doesn't matter how strange I look
    I'm better, sweeter on the inside
    It doesn't matter what they're saying
    It's just me
    And what's inside

  32. Tonight Tonight

    Why won’t they let me go out tonight?
    Do my parents think I’ll go get in a fight?

    I just want to live while I’m young and I’m free.
    Come on Mom, dad, just let me be me.

    Everyone gives us teens a bad rep
    Why do they think that we’re so out of step?

    Yeah sometimes we may stay out real late
    Sometimes we go out to just mingle- not mate!

    Have you never even heard of having a good time?
    So what if that means you’re committing a crime?

    Just because I want to go hang out with friends,
    does not mean I will bring my future to an end.

    If you hold me on a leash next to you
    How will I know what to do

    when I make a mistake and fall on my face.
    I need to rely on me, not you and your mace.

    So Mom and dad don’t you see?
    I’m only asking to leave me be.

    You don’t have to let me go just quite yet.
    But let me have fun without giving a fret.

    I love you so much- I’ll be out with girlfriends
    Don’t worry your hearts won’t even need a mend.

    I promise I’ll look both ways when turning to the right!
    I promise I’ll be safe when I go out tonight.

  33. Secret Poem:

    I move around the room playfully
    Gazing up at the entirety of the world
    My world

    People standing
    People talking
    People watching

    Waiting for the moment
    My moment
    My first crawl

    People walking
    People visiting
    People staring

    I move into position
    Silence overwhelms the room
    Breaking concentration, I drop to my butt

    People sigh
    People fuss
    People whimper

    I continue to gawk and ponder the question
    Who wants to crawl
    When you can scooch?

  34. Time

    Dear world, give us more time
    To ask for this is not a crime

    We know how short life can be
    To do things other than disagree

    We need more time to run and play
    Not to watch our loved ones decay

    I want time to have a break
    To rest by a beautiful lake

    To sit back and read a book
    Perhaps near a sparkling brook

    Time can be wasted so quickly
    So much that it makes me sickly

    We spend all our time to work
    So on this earth we do not lurk

    For this wish, I will pray
    So please do not delay

    More time will make me happy
    Otherwise I may be snappy

  35. The Castle
    Max Hostetter

    It exploded, first on the wall, the in the courtyard.
    The fire grew, and soon the situation was dire.
    The wooden beams burned hot and fast, every single on was charred.

    Fear ran rampant, like wild beast.
    The fire grew, racing toward us like a spear
    As it moved, the screams grew, never ceased.

    It washed over me in waves, ripping the air from my chest.
    The cold winter air steams as the heat and cool meet.
    The hot air constantly battered us, giving me no rest.

    The walls came down, pursuing with an intelligent desire.
    The once-beautiful castle was growing ever stranger.
    The beauty was gone, replaced with fire.

  36. Guilt

    Something unspeakable runs through my veins
    Something happened that night Ill never forget
    Something was clear: complete the mission despite the cost
    Something went wrong
    Something went terribly wrong
    Somebody told me "look out on your left"
    Somebody shot
    Somebody missed
    Somebody hit
    Somebody was down
    Somebody was the reason that
    Somebody would never awaken
    Somebody was thankful
    Somebody had been saved
    Sometimes one has to take action
    Sometimes life isn't fair
    Sometimes what you do cannot be altered
    Something unspeakable runs through my veins

  37. Footie PJ's
    When I go to sleep,
    I slowly doze off counting sheep
    While wearing footie PJs.
    Why do I do this,
    I haven't the crudest
    beginnings of an idea.
    They are fuzzy and pink
    and it really makes me think
    that I need some new pajamas.
    The bottoms are tiger print
    and I haven't the slightest hint
    who would make such a thing.
    It has a small hood.
    The print is that of wood
    and I should probably give it away.
    But the sleeves have feathers,
    to keep warm in cold weathers
    So it is mildly practical.
    The feathers are glow in the dark
    for a casual night walk in the park
    and it is very stylish.
    It has a large turtle shell on the back,
    and is a shiny shade of black
    so that I can protect myself.
    The belt is made from Crocodile skin,
    and has a buckle in the shape a bowling pin.
    I should probably throw it away.

  38. Ingenius
    The world so small to universe so large
    Stars and other world lightyears away
    One man
    One man who could not find his own home
    Relativity to other objects and gravatational force
    Energy a force that is distant and misterious to us
    One equation E=MC squared
    Changing physics and science forever
    Understanding all is the hope
    Never being more than a few steps in
    Taking a breathe using lungs and other organs
    Gravity changing how we walk
    One man coining the term Einstein
    Is he right?

  39. Days like these I wonder:
    How does the world spin?
    Days like these I wonder:
    Where the world begins?

    Every time I question:
    Who am I to be?
    Every time I question:
    When will I be free?

    Days like these I wonder:
    Could I just say hi?
    Days like these I wonder:
    Or would I just pass bye?

    Every time I question:
    Does she see me too?
    Every time I question:
    What I am to do?

    Days like these I wonder:
    Will we ever meet?
    Days like these I wonder:
    Love at just one greet?

    Every time I question:
    Where is my prince now?
    Every time I question:
    When will I be wowed?

    This day we do not wonder:
    Could this love be true?
    This day we do not question:
    Is my true love you?

  40. Beauty on the Beach
    Period 3 Sophie Yano

    There was a time when I was the Beauty on the Beach
    There was a time when I believed that all of my dreams would come true
    There was a time when I danced free and pure like the waves on the sand
    There was a time when I felt untouchable

    On the beach my movements flowed like the ocean
    My leaps bore beauty like the dolphins
    My turns as flawless as the seashells that hid beneath my feet
    On the beach I became a dancer

    There was a time when I thought I could make it in the real world
    There was a time when I had faith in my abilities
    There was a time when I danced because I knew I was the best
    There was a time when I felt confident

    After the beach I moved to studios
    I had peers that judged my every move
    I had teachers that critiqued anything I did
    After the beach I became cold

    There was a time when I forgot to dream
    There was a time when I trusted nothing and no one
    There was a time when I danced cautiously and uniformly
    There was a time when I felt broken

    Now I miss my little beach
    My dreams were indestructible
    My love and passion drove me to achieve excellence
    Now I wish I was still the Beauty on the Beach

  41. Secret Poem:
    I shall muzzle the puzzle of things I hate
    Oh wait, let me tell you or else I may faint
    Family problems
    Issues I care not to hear
    And when I do, I cover my ear
    Often the stories drag
    I rather put my head in a bag
    They make me want to scream
    Far worse than cold cream
    When the stories start, I begin to part
    So if you feel the need to vent
    Regarding family discontent
    I am not the person to tell
    So say farewell
    My secret is mine
    So divine
    I prefer it not be not to be shared
    It better not be declared

  42. Locked

    i walk around the room trying to escape the eye
    but i know deep down that it will follow me til i break down and cry
    so why do i stay, stay in the room
    because i’m in a trance, waiting to be consumed

    i stare at the eye’s jet, black center
    i notice it has not moved since i entered
    not even a simple glance to the left, or the right
    yet it watches me wherever i am, with its hawk like sight

    i can’t find a way out
    my chances of survival, i’m starting to doubt
    my mind compresses like a soft ball
    i feel like i’m about to fall

    i must have done something bad
    i must have made somebody sad
    whatever type of torture im going through
    is not going to matter in a few

    i feel the pain to the tenth degree
    as i can sense the life escaping me
    i know that in few minutes i will die,
    at the hand of the dreadful eye

    i try one last time to escape the room
    but it fails and so somebody must fetch me my tomb
    for i am to die
    under the watch of this sick, sick eye

    but then it blinks
    right before my heart was to sink
    i am released from my trance
    and i am alive, just by chance

    By: Jacob Goodman

  43. I'm tired.
    I'm broken.
    Tired of trying.
    Broken from falling
    One too many times.

    They expect so much
    I give so little
    I'm being hurried alive
    Gasping for air
    Bison getting blurry

    But the thing is
    I don't want to give up
    Not yet

    The tears I ahead
    Will soon help me see
    My world
    My perspective
    Clearer, more pure.

    Although my wrists are broken
    From catching my falls
    My legs will pick me up
    I am strong

    I'm not stopping just yet
    It'll all be worth it
    Just you watch
    I can do this

  44. Flashes of brown
    emerge from the green
    as we move through
    the forest
    yelling and calling
    as we run.
    The air is light
    and the ground slightly damp
    the croaking of frogs
    and the feathery breeze
    make the leaves
    dance and shake
    as we run swiftly
    just us two,
    behind the farm.

    As I stand on the ridge
    above the green sea
    I watch the two kids
    playing together
    they are jumping off rocks
    and scaring the birds off
    just like they always do
    it's times like this,
    in the warm summer day,
    when they look the closest.

    As the camera is raised
    to capture the sibling love
    the two children sense a presence
    they look up
    to the aunt intruding
    on their time
    and they run
    so they don't have to stop playing.

  45. When I was young
    I was in love
    I’d always have fun
    I was free as a dove

    I was in love with the boy
    With the fire red hair
    When he looked at me
    My heart went aflare

    These looks he would give
    Would make my heart do a flip
    Send my heart on a voyage
    In a beautiful ship

    And oh how I’d dream
    Dream of him and me
    Dream of together
    How happy we’d be

    But those days had to go
    As my age slipped away
    And I no longer love him
    Like back in the day

  46. The Party

    Mom please let me go
    I don’t care if it’s gonna snow

    I don’t care if it’s gonna be cold
    I don’t want to be controlled

    I will dress nice and warm
    I’ll get there before the storm

    I promise I will be good
    You have this all misunderstood

    I’m just going to play some ball
    As soon as I get there I’ll give you a call

    I’ll be back by ten
    I promise I’ll never ask you something like this ever again

    Okay I will drive you over
    Hop in the Range Rover

    Never mind I’m tired
    I guess it just transpired

  47. The Piano Songs

    I told them of the time my heart danced with the piano songs
    They scoffed, didn’t believe me
    Preposterous, they accused
    But I persisted, because it was true

    I asked them
    Haven’t you ever played a song for your heart?
    From your heart, yet to your heart
    Haven’t you ever watched it dance
    Amongst your spiralling emotions, twisting feelings

    Yes, haven’t you ever plunked down on your piano bench
    Like any normal day
    But then

    Haven’t you ever felt young and old all at the same time
    As you looked forward, hopeful and naiive
    And as you looked back, experienced and wise?
    (And I told them how I preferred to look back
    Mighty, wrinkly hands pounding down on well used keys
    Melting collections of old memories with new music)

    Haven’t you ever
    Stretched your arm inside you
    Punctured through the barriers that keep your emotions so held in
    Trapped, caged, hidden
    Then haven’t you ever taken grip upon your inner feelings
    Wrestled them out into the open atmosphere
    Forcing them to be exposed, vulnerable

    Haven’t you ever watched, felt these confused entities
    Struggling in the unforgiving air
    Then haven’t you ever introduced them to a song of yours
    Depicted by your nimble fingers
    Graceful, rapid as they hopped along piano keys
    Just a blurred field of grey

    Haven’t you ever watched your emotions in the wind
    Find their way, blend together to the rhythm of your piano song
    Haven’t you felt them
    Your wispy feelings floating like a splash of water in space
    Representing moments across a spectrum of experiences
    Twirling and flitting about to a gentle melody
    As demonstrated by the smooth, delicate piano keys
    Lowering, up and down, like the waves of an ocean

    Haven’t you ever seen and felt and heard
    Your pulsing, beating heart
    Out their, lost in the wide sky
    Throbbing in cohesion, in harmony, with a piano song?

    I repeated
    Haven’t you ever played a song for your heart?
    From your heart, yet to your heart
    Haven’t you ever watched it dance
    Amongst your spiralling emotions, twisting feelings
    Hasn’t your heart ever danced with the piano songs?

  48. Dear Father Time

    Father Time,
    Would you grant me the wish

    To go back in time
    When my family was all together

    I miss the late nights watching CSI
    With my dad right by my side

    I miss the endless days playing
    But now my brother has left for college

    If only you grant me this wish
    It would really make my day

    I would do anything to go back
    I would give up half my life

    So please take this into consideration
    Take me back to the old days

    Take me back to the simpler days
    When I didn't have to worry about anything

    Take me back to before October
    Take me back when I still had my family

  49. Monday to Friday, five days a week,
    This person you see here, it is the real me.
    But on weekends away from my friends and the whole social scene,
    You might not even recognize that quiet figure as remotely being me.
    The stillness of my room makes me feel at peace even more than in the company of friends;
    Who knows me better than myself?
    Through the quiet I can think clearly,
    What is important to me, who do I truly care about?
    Sunday heaves a sigh as the sun sets over the cold silhouettes of the mountains.
    My rest has ended.
    Monday has come to draw me out of my shell once again.
    Refreshing like jumping into a cold pool on a hot day,
    To see my friends again, and share the laughter and lightheartedness.
    Secretly looking forward for the weekend,
    To breathe in, and breathe out and start all over again.

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  51. The Lady of the Flowers

    She swiftly rushes by the oaken trees
    Past the soft, silken leaflets
    And the small creatures with padded feet
    Through the whispering wind
    Which calls to her name
    Attempting to lure her
    Back into the shadows
    And the mystery
    Of the dark riddled forest.
    Gracefully she moves
    Elegantly she dashes
    Past the trickling creeks
    That glisten with luminous light
    And through the gentle brush
    Of the green that surrounds her
    She avoids the gnarled roots
    Scattered on the ground
    She leaps over the fallen trees of old
    That have perished into the cold darkness
    A clearing appears
    Pouring with colorful light
    Up ahead
    She rushes
    To get to the place
    Where it is always springtime
    And colors never fade
    And there is always a facade of hope
    And courage
    There in the clearing
    Lay the vibrant meadow
    Of finest flowers

  52. Ingenius
    The world so small to universe so large
    Stars and other world lightyears away
    One man
    One man who could not find his own home
    Relativity to other objects and gravatational force
    Energy a force that is distant and misterious to us
    One equation E=MC squared
    Changing physics and science forever
    Understanding all is the hope
    Never being more than a few steps in
    Taking a breathe using lungs and other organs
    Gravity changing how we walk
    One man coining the term Einstein
    Is he right?

  53. My homework is always done
    but now you envision me as a bum

    I endeavored to complete the assignment with haste
    but it appears it was all a waste

    I left it on a palisade desk
    I never conceived that its strength could be so grotesque

    My monstrous dog is all to blame
    his devilish teeth...what a shame

    Cut up into a jigsaw puzzle is all I can say
    Oh my dog knows how to betray

    My paper never stood a remote chance
    his jaws took chunks without me seizing a glance

    My paper crippled and destroyed
    my brutal dog was overjoyed

    Clips of paper gripping onto his spit
    His face contorted into a smile I must admit

    The carnage slowly dripped from his lips
    Question number 2 whipped past my face as I flipped

    I shrieked the loudest I've ever done
    This could never be undone

    I stand before you a humbled man
    take pity on me as much as you can

    Your mercy I must beg
    your forgiveness I’d take for a leg

    Please be sympathetic and give me an A

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  55. Speedo Guido

    I stride along, large and quite proud
    Although I am quite fluffy, just like a cloud

    I call attention to that lass over there
    The one that is tall and has pretty gold hair

    We lock eyes from across the pier
    As I walk along towards my ice cold.... soda

    She smiles and says hello
    And I saw her wink, at my luscious chest flow

    Although my accent is thick, just like my waistline
    I know I look super fine

    Oh my gawd, do you see that guy?
    It’s disgusting, like I just want to die

    I hope he doesn’t see me
    I’ll pretend I have to pee

    Because he is so nasty
    When he comes to talk, I’ll be gone fastly

    I hate when guys dont shave
    Its almost as bad if they didn't bathe

    I just want a guy that is a hottie
    And not one with a hairy body

    I’ll just sit and wait as he does his thing
    And if he comes over I’ll yell and scream

    “Hey baby, what's up”
    “ummm... Hi?”
    “You, Me, Movie. I’ll pick you up at 8”
    “Yeahh.... No.“
    “It will be fun”
    “I have a boyfriend”

  56. Dream Maker
    Nightmare Breaker

    Paint a picture
    Burst of color

    Capture them
    Subconscious thoughts

    Write the script

    Block it


    The mind

    It works
    While I sleep

  57. Persuasion Poem

    We need time far away
    During my birthday

    Let’s travel to Spain
    Otherwise i’ll go insane

    I’ll play tennis,
    While you and dad can drink guinness

    I won’t complain
    I’ll be smart with my brain

    I’ll try my best
    I’ll compete with the rest

    It will be so much fun
    You can bathe in the sun

    Spain’s a beautiful place
    There’s plenty of space

    It’s just a vacation
    In an awesome location

    So can we please go?
    Even though it will cost some dough?

  58. I decide
    Where this body goes
    What is sees
    What is shows

    I decide
    What it wears
    Despite what they say
    I will not care

    I decide
    Because I am a mind
    And I control this body
    This is not yours
    It is mine

    I decide
    Whether to let a doctor invade
    because I am just too young
    or because of something that was a product of rape
    I decide
    Not the big man
    Not you
    Not someone else’s faith

    I decide
    Whose eyes lay upon the flaws
    and whose hands rest upon
    those wretched scars
    and everything underneath
    It it my right
    Not yours

    I decide
    Who it rests with at night
    And who kisses its cheek
    And who holds it tight

    I decide
    Because I am a mind
    And I control this body
    This is not yours
    This is mine

    I decide
    Because I am a human being
    That does not come with a property deed
    Are you even trying to see
    What I am seeing?