Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Persuasive/ Seduction Poem

This is a poem where you are trying to convince somebody of something they don’t want to be convinced of. The poem is an argument, an attempt to persuade. Think about all the situations where you are trying to convince somebody of something: getting out of a ticket, getting mom or dad to not ground you for breaking curfew, getting a date with your dream girl/boy, getting mom or dad to give you more money, getting a teacher to let you turn in late work. As far as form, try to use couplets throughout your poem. Also think about rhetorical strategies such as Ethos, Pathos and Logos. Appeal to the ethics, emotions, and logic of the person you are trying to seduce or persuade. If you need some inspiration, try Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress". Good luck!


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  2. Come on mom hop along
    let’s go dad it’s been so long

    give me a reason not to go
    and i will throw it aside as if its my foe

    please let us travel to the place
    where hall of famers are enshrined in a gold case

    and the sunsets are pretty as you, mom
    orange red and pink just as if we were in guam

    your life is all about baseball, dad
    and the home of baseball wants you bad

    ruth, robinson, and mays are awaiting us
    all we have to do is hop on the bus

    we can play ball until night fall
    Cooperstown is inviting us all

  3. Money is meant to be spent
    Let’s pay for rent

    Let’s travel to Spain
    Where I can make it rain

    At least it’s for tennis
    And not Guiness

    I won’t complain
    I’ll be smart with my brain

    I’ll try my best
    I’ll compete with the rest

    It will be so much fun
    You can bathe in the sun

    It will be totally worth it
    We just have to commit

    Spain’s a great place
    There’s plenty of space

    It’s just a vacation
    That will leave a fabulous sensation

    So can we please go?
    Even though it will cost some dough?

  4. David Harrell

    Persuasive Poem

    People should really stop smoking

    to stop themselves from choking

    It slowly makes you die

    The fact that its cool is a lie

    Your lungs will turn black

    and you will wretch and hack

    Its smells awfully bad

    and you when you die you will be sad

    It affects everyone around

    when you make that slow inhaling sound

    Especially when you blow out the smoke

    It makes everyone else choke

    Your may lose your voice
    all because of one stupid choice

  5. Persuasive Poem

    When A candidate wins
    He gives a speech with a grin

    When a nation doesn’t agree
    With who the next president will be

    The Electoral College
    Gives the people no knowledge

    Who the majority went to
    It just seems like a pile of poo

    If more votes go to a cantidate
    But yet that person will liquidate

    Due to the fact that they lost
    They have to refund the cost

    So use the popular vote
    To get an accurate quote

    Of who the people want
    Instead of a candidates taunt

  6. Can I please go
    To the concert today?
    I swear that I will pay

    I can get a ride
    I promise i will abide

    By your rules
    The music is not cruel

    The music is nice,
    Unlike rats and mice

    We will be safe from harm
    No one will set off an alarm

    My friends and I will stay together
    No matter the weather

    Mom and dad,
    If you let me go, I won’t act bad

    You guys are the best!
    I am just so blessed!

    Everything will be alright,
    If you let me go to the concert tonight.

  7. Conviction

    My persuasion is to make you speak with conviction.
    A part of you, a symbol, and addiction.

    To speak your mind, no likes or you know?’s
    Conviction should be something to openly show.

    It seems that the newer generation has lost interest.
    As caring less about things we should treasure more is the best.

    People find it strange to be excited about a subject.
    Having a love of knowledge is not proper in public.

    Every teenager loves to be apathetic.
    But in all reality it’s really pathetic.

    So speak with conviction, and mean what you say.
    Or the meaning of words will just go away.

  8. I've got puppy dog eyes and the plea of a child.
    I can put on my temper, throw a fit and run wild.

    But we all know much better than that.
    To throw tantrums and turn up the mat.

    Buy me a car because you love me, father.
    I've earned it, worked hard, made the bother.

    The choice is yours, Dad, if I get it or not.
    If you don't I'll still know that you haven't forgot.

    That I'll never be good enough, precious enough to you,
    In your eyes I'm just another animal at the zoo.

    I give you my trust, my heart, my all.
    You can smash it, crush it, give it a brawl.

    Or you can buy me a car, Father, show me you love me.
    That I matter to you, that I'm better than money.

    So get me that car Daddy, please, the cool red one.
    Because I matter to you, I'm your perfect special son.

  9. Times have changed since the sixties
    Believe it, it's true
    we no longer have payphones
    eight tracks
    or the smurfs who are blue.

    Now we have Apple inc.
    which has solved the world's mess
    because of Steve Jobs
    we no longer must stress.

    Did I mention, by chance
    that you have failed to get me
    a mac of my own
    and i feel you have forgetten me.

    Just hold your horses,
    I know forgetten ain't right
    but if I'd had my own laptop
    I could have gone to some site
    Where they teach you to rhyme
    with the utmost of class
    so you don't have to say forgetten
    and look like a... donkey.

    Along with the fact
    that laptops make you smarter
    they also help you
    find foods good with tartar

    You know I love cooking
    The mixing and shaking
    all of the while
    your dinner I'm making

    In case, just in case
    you had not yet caught
    I get all of my recipes
    from one spot.

    is that special place
    where I get the instructions
    for the cuisine which I make.

    So now you see clearly
    throughout this great poem
    I need a computer
    and then I can show 'em
    the ways which I rhyme
    with dignity and grit
    and find recipes to cook
    so I don't look like... you know.

  10. The wag of a tail;
    How could it fail?

    The lick of a tongue;
    What could go wrong?

    A friendly bark,
    While walking in the park.

    Think of the fun,
    When you go on a run.

    This dog you see,
    Isn’t just for you and me.

    Sasha’s alone,
    With nothing but a bone.

    She needs a friend;
    Her loneliness will end.

    This puppy you see,
    Will be so easy.

    We’ve done it before;
    It wasn’t a chore.

    Think of love,
    When you give it a hug.

    So now do you see,
    Why we need a puppy.

  11. Marry Me?: A Sonnet
    Alexandra Larsen

    Please oh please will you please say yes to me?
    a proposal will you please take this ring?
    at the wedding there will be sweet fondue
    and I will promise not to dance the swing

    Please oh please will you take my last name??
    They way your brown hair falls over your face
    I love how its curly and never tame
    When I look at you my heart starts to race

    As you sit there and sip your coffee
    All I need is the courage to say hi
    Is it impossible that you’ve noticed me?
    Or am I a wallflower just too shy?

    I walk up hoping this is in my fate
    and I say “can I take you on a date?”

  12. This poem is inspired by my grandparents marriage that was shortened by the death of my grandfather last year.

    Please Don’t Forget About Me
    Roses are red,
    violet’s are blue,
    how could I ever forget you.

    My love is everlasting,
    and will only belong to you.

    When we first met we were just friends,
    belonging to other members of our crew.

    Then you were sent away for the service,
    and when you returned our love grew.

    After Fifty-one years of marriage, four children,
    and six grandchildren that share your eyes of blue;

    I’m proud to say,
    my heart belongs to you.

    Now your picture hangs on the mantel as a reminder,
    that when my heart yearns for your presence, not be so blue.

    We had so many memories together.
    Love, laughter, and sadness too,
    so as you can see, I could never forget you.

  13. Stay

    Please don't leave me
    After all we've been through

    I know you truly need me
    And all I need is you

    She can't love you like I can
    Don't you understand

    She can't warm heart or hand
    She cannot be your woman

    I'm down on my knees
    Don't leave me baby please

    We can work this out
    We've done it before

    Please don't shout
    Please don't slam that door

    I need you here now
    I need you forevermore

    Don't leave me baby please
    Or I'll be crushed to the floor

    As my heart aches and my tears stream
    As I wear my heart on my sleeve

    Turn around don't leave
    Honey I'm all that you need

  14. The Necessity

    Robbing this bank was no such felony,
    In fact, it was nearly a favor.

    Not one place should have that money,
    Not even a wealthy neighbor.

    Who else deserves it,
    Besides a man who lived a poor life,

    Living on the streets was not a luxury,
    It was only filled with strife.

    Come to me, oh trusty lad,
    Give what is to be mine,

    That money belongs in my hands,
    With zeros to the nines.

    You don’t want to see me angry,
    No, its quite a sight,

    I will get the money without a thought,
    You might even get a fright.

    Please, Oh Please,
    I’m begging at the moment,

    I promise to never rob again,
    Just please hand over my fulfillment.

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  16. Some people are in it for the money
    Some for the high
    Some for the love
    To believe the real life is a lie

    A sweet escape
    But not to last
    For not just one person understands
    How life flies by so fast

    In later years
    As your body begins to break
    You ask yourself
    How you loved a life so fake

    Your family left you long ago
    Sitting at the edge of Hell
    You realize your only hope
    Is Death’s final, calling bell

    As the curtain closes on your life
    And you cry out in despair
    You think how young and stupid you were
    To let drugs entrap you in their snar

  17. I know you don’t care
    but that’s okay

    It’s not like I need you

    I’m scared and alone
    and I could use your time

    But you say you’re busy
    so that’s fine

    If only you’d spend a moment
    with me

    The rest, they say,
    would be history

    I’d be happy to know
    that you cared

    Tell you all the
    hardships I’ve fared

    I’m scared and alone
    and I could use your time

    But you say you’re busy...
    So that’s fine.

  18. Spring Break:

    Oh mother, oh father
    I won’t be a bother

    Please let me go
    I’m tired of snow

    And the ocean is calling
    Soon I’ll be lolling

    But only if you allow
    To remain pleasant I vow

    With your permission
    I’ll gain admission

    To a far off place
    With a full suitcase

    Feeling the sea breeze
    Spring break please

    Grant me the access to go
    Far away to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

  19. Please stop what you are doing and look,
    Playing music from the iPod I wish I took,

    The noise flowing out is simply awful,
    Country music should be unlawful,

    The lyrics may seem passionate,
    But they were just written for the cash in it,

    Whatever Cowboy Sean says about cruising,
    Is only forming an exit for the brain cells your losing,

    Every time he says summer, truck, or baby,
    Rethink what you’re doing and just maybe,

    Save everyone around you from the torture you’re causing,
    Look at the album cover of boots and consider pausing,

    Put on something less about the South,
    And experience pure joy by word of mouth,

    I’ll accept anything but what you have on,
    Please just make that noise disappear and gone.

  20. We're having so much fun
    so please don't say you have to run

    we can go on a walk
    or even run around the block

    But don't go
    I'll be all alone

    You wouldn't want to leave
    if you knew I'd grieve

    so stay and we'll have the best time
    and you won't go when the clock chimes

  21. Let's go somewhere
    For once, this summer.

    Last year we stayed home,
    It was fun at first,

    But three months is long,
    Let's go somewhere tropical,
    Exotic and swine.

    Friends are fun,
    And so is the local pool.

    But nothing can beat
    Breathing in new air.

    There's no reason why not,
    Let's make some memories,
    Spend some family time.

    I'm now on my knees,
    Take me somewhere!

  22. Out of all the things a girl could want,
    there is only one thing that looks at me with a taunt.

    With the infinite amount of games and apps,
    this certainly isn’t a money trap.

    And the fact that I will never get lost,
    will surely offset the heftiness of the cost.

    I would never be more than a phone call away,
    and there is no distance too far I could stray.

    I know every time I bring this up you suppress a groan,
    but so many great things could come from my new iPhone.

    I have begged and I have pleaded,
    and, until now, I have not succeeded.

    By now you have surely seen the logical side,
    so let’s buckle up and go for a ride.

    It is not that far to the cellular store,
    it will go so quick you won’t have time to bore.

    It will be the greatest thing that I have to own,
    clearly, only positive outcomes can come from an iPhone.

  23. Lets go get food
    I’m in that kind of mood

    You can choose
    There is no way to lose

    It is simply some fare
    Isn't that fair?

    It doesn’t have to breakfast or brunch
    It can be dinner a snack or lunch

    There is no need to pull a Glock
    You are not on the clock

    When you are ready I will take you to eat
    You can just take a seat

    Will you please come dine?
    All you have to do is say a time

    Weather its caviar or pizza
    Don’t be a diva

    I know you would like to grab a bite
    Just say the word and we just might

    All I want to do is eat with you
    And I hope you feel that way too.

  24. Mom please let me go
    I don’t care if it’s gonna snow

    I don’t care if it’s gonna be cold
    I don’t want to be controlled

    I will dress nice and warm
    I’ll get there before the storm

    I promise I will be good
    You have this all misunderstood

    I’m just going to play some ball
    As soon as I get there I’ll give you a call

    I’ll be back by ten
    I promise I’ll never ask you something like this ever again

    Okay I will drive you over
    Hop in the Range Rover

    Never mind I’m tired
    I guess it just transpired

  25. Oh please Mother, dear
    Let us go out on the frontier

    Today is such a beautiful day
    Please let us get out our sleigh

    Children playing with faces aglow
    Spending their day out in the snow

    The sky is so bright and blue
    We have just recovered from stomach flu

    We promise we won’t break our heads
    If you let us crawl out from our beds

    Please Mother, dear, time is ticking away
    Don’t let it be a dreary day

    Don’t keep us in with lock and key
    Listen to our desperate plea

    Outside there’s an icy war
    Children, big and small, trying to score

    What wouldn't we do, just to participate
    Let us out before they dissipate

    Let us out, Mother, please
    Before temperatures rise in degrees

    Before the snow has completely cleared
    And smiling snowmen have disappeared

  26. Time

    Dear world, give us more time
    To ask for this is not a crime

    We know how short life can be
    To do things other than disagree

    We need more time to run and play
    Not to watch our loved ones decay

    I want time to have a break
    To rest by a beautiful lake

    To sit back and read a book
    Perhaps near a sparkling brook

    Time can be wasted so quickly
    So much that it makes me sickly

    We spend all our time to work
    So on this earth we do not lurk

    For this wish, I will pray
    So please do not delay

    More time will make me happy
    Otherwise I may be snappy

  27. It’s just a small little plea
    Why, oh, why can’t you see

    I would be chased a thousand miles
    Just to see it bring smiles

    My favorite teddy bear I would sell
    Just to take captive some of its smell

    I would sort through fertilizer that’s in a mound
    Just to hear its sweet, crackling sound

    I would swallow a bucket of sand
    Just to hold it in my hand

    I would eat a container of toothpaste
    Just for just one, little, tiny taste

    I would shave a flea infested bear
    Just to see it sitting there

    So, I guess I’m begging to you, please
    May I have one of the chocolate chip cookies?

  28. You say that I am just a friend
    And that you hope our friendship will never end

    But every day we have a fight
    And every time I say it’s all right

    The only thing that I ask
    Is really quite a simple task

    Just take the blame
    Then do me a favor and forget my name

    My anger for you grows ever greater
    As I must be my own vindicator

    So please just leave me be
    Then I can finally be free

    By the time I say I’m Leaving
    You finally understand why I was grieving

    You said that I was just a friend
    And now I know that it can end

  29. To Mr. Mellark, Will You Take My Love?
    A poem from Katniss’s point of view

    Peeta, my love
    You have fallen from above

    Your abs are so smokin’
    So take my love as a token

    You are so strong
    And you are never wrong

    Oh, you are such a romantic
    Seeing your smile makes me a lunatic

    I can be your Katniss
    Once you give me a kiss

    That night on the rooftop
    Your eyes really popped

    It was a starry night
    And you were my light

    You threw bread at me in the rain
    And you saved me from my pain

    I kissed you in the cave
    So you could be saved

    I took your bread, you stole my heart
    We were soul mates from the start

    Even when you looked like a tree
    I knew you were the one for me

    I know you think I love Gale
    But my love for you will never fail

    There is a reason
    That I need you, for every season

    Don’t you know that cupid has a bow?
    So do I, but I will never let you go

    Please, Peeta, don’t forget
    The Hunger Games in which we met

    Do you remember how you felt when you looked at me?
    Don’t you remember the poisonous berry?

    I would die for you
    Although you wouldn't want me to

    Without you I am incomplete
    Can you still feel the fire’s heat?

    You are the one I truly admire
    Will you marry your “Girl on Fire?”

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  31. I deserve it
    What have I done wrong

    All my work is done
    And now I want to have fun

    Just let me leave
    I’m not a child anymore

    Your constant supervision
    Is really such a chore

    Show that you love me
    Let me go out on my own

    I don’t feel like I’m pushing the bar
    Maybe if i was 10 this would be going too far

    Now that you see my reasoning
    would you please let me go

    And don’t forget
    I also need some money for the show

  32. The economy is in a depression
    The country is in a recession

    We need to stimulate demand
    To save the economy we need a plan

    A massive building project with which
    To drag ourselves out of the ditch

    And stimulate economic growth
    For corporations and individuals both

    The proponents of this theory are
    Eager to start the construction of a Death Star

    Join the movement, support the petition
    To invest $852 quadrillion dollars is the mission

  33. Please, won't you let me?
    It's not confusing or tricky, this is my plea

    I want it so bad, as do you
    Don't deny it, you know it's true

    I don't get it often, it's rare we go there
    Please don't stop me, that's just not fair

    You say it's not healthy
    We can still afford it even though we aren't wealthy

    You say we don't have time.
    We can make it quickly, it's not a climb

    I ask, I beg, yet you still say no
    You say its just meant not to be so

    Ok, now you're just being mean.
    Can't we go to Dairy Queen?

  34. Father Time
    Would you grant me the wish

    To go back in time
    When my family was all together

    I miss the late nights watching CSI
    With my dad right by my side

    I miss the endless days playing
    But now my brother has left for college

    If only you grant me this wish
    It would really make my day

    I would do anything to go back
    I would give up half my life

    So please take this into consideration
    Take me back to the old days

    Take me back to the simpler days
    When I didn't have to worry about anything

    Take me back to before October
    Take me back when I still had my family

  35. Would you care to give a second thought?
    To the pain this decision has brought?

    Your choice to move is not your own
    Leaving Illinois does not affect you alone

    This house right here is my home
    The only one I've ever known

    Aren't family and friends
    More important than beginnings and ends?

    And the school, where I had everything planned?
    One life, never given a chance to expand

    Already the feelings start to slip
    My past and present doing flips

    Take my hand, pull me back
    Oh how much I've lost track

    Would you go back and give a second thought?
    Before my world is all but wrought?

    Choose the future that should have been mine
    The one I've longed for all this time

  36. "Harvey's Poem"

    You're always walking down the hall
    Hiding quietly beside the wall

    You're not invisible to me
    And I wish I could make you see

    You think you have no talent, but I know that's not true
    You think that the crowd is looking at everybody but you

    You're telling yourself that you don't care
    That nobody seems to know you're there

    You don't know I've been waiting
    For the right moment, anticipating

    You're there in the library, all alone
    I walk up, you're chilled to the bone

    But you have to know I want you so badly
    And if you so wanted, I'd take you out, gladly

    But I stand there stiffly, no words in my mouth
    I can see the conversation headed south

    So that's why I'm here, writing this poem
    I'm shy just as you, but this otta show 'em

    It's hard to use words, but still I desire
    To go out with you, the one I admire

    I've seen you so much, but it took long to see
    Just how much you honestly mean to me

    And I know that you could say no, filling me with sorrow
    But I hardly care now; how 'bout lunch tommorrow?

  37. Tonight Tonight

    Why won’t they let me go out tonight?
    Do my parents think I’ll go get in a fight?

    I just want to live while I’m young and I’m free.
    Come on Mom, dad, just let me be me.

    Everyone gives us teens a bad rep
    Why do they think that we’re so out of step?

    Yeah sometimes we may stay out real late
    Sometimes we go out to just mingle- not mate!

    Have you never even heard of having a good time?
    So what if that means you’re committing a crime?

    Just because I want to go hang out with friends,
    does not mean I will bring my future to an end.

    If you hold me on a leash next to you
    How will I know what to do

    when I make a mistake and fall on my face.
    I need to rely on me, not you and your mace.

    So Mom and dad don’t you see?
    I’m only asking to leave me be.

    You don’t have to let me go just quite yet.
    But let me have fun without giving a fret.

    I love you so much- I’ll be out with girlfriends
    Don’t worry your hearts won’t even need a mend.

    I promise I’ll look both ways when turning to the right!
    I promise I’ll be safe when I go out tonight.

  38. "Veronica"

    Please, please, my dear, come back
    My days without you seem to lack

    I miss your sweet beautiful smile
    The kind that lit up your face and stretched on for a mile

    I wish to see the sun on your golden locks
    Upon your bedroom door I still knock

    I long to see you dance and play
    The simple things that made you gay

    I've heard the gates are pearly white
    I am selfish here and I need your light

    I’m sure you love the place you now reside
    But we need you here, I must confide

    Remember those times we would play
    Please come home if only for a day

    Descend those stairs you once climbed
    Forget those bells that we once chimed

    When you left here the skies turned black
    And I do not think they will ever go back

    So you have made the final journey
    But I’m still haunted by that tiny filled gurney

    I’m sorry for asking, please, don’t think me weak
    Without you our family seems so very meek

    I yearn to see your cute little hands
    There is no one like you in all of the lands

    Please baby girl, please come home
    We searched everywhere we could possibly roam

    Spend a moment down here from heaven
    I yearn to witness the day you turn seven

    To a cousin so precious and so very sweet
    The sound of your giggle is such a treat

    Each day we wish to grow stronger
    Do you think this time apart will last any longer?

    Here on this earth you used to thrive
    How is it fair that I am alive?

    The day that you left the world went still
    Without you, my dear, this world has no thrill

    Here lies the great deceit
    Promises of safety that were left obsolete

    Please, please return
    The earth continues to cry and refuses to turn

    You were stolen by violence
    And my answer is found within the silence

    Your coming arrival is uncertain
    For you have crossed through the final curtain

    I know you are not coming back
    Thus our hearts have continued to crack

    But please, please, my dear, come back
    My days without you seem to lack

  39. "Stay"

    It’s getting late, the sun has faded
    Wade out of the water, dry ourselves off, now my heart is about to be invaded

    A feeling of ecstasy, engulfed in your embrace
    With you in my eyes, we melt into space

    I’m grasping your hand and I refuse to let go
    Hold me tight, don’t leave me alone

    It feels so precious, your palms grazing my hips
    Pulling me in close, greeting my lips

    Blood swimming in my wrists, you kiss my disgusting pain
    “Never again, angel”.... at long last, thank’ve released me from this chain

    The time has come, collapsing in your arms
    I know you want to stay, you don’t want to cause more harm

    Oh, sweetheart, where are you going?
    My hands resting against your chest...your heart is slowing

    Just in case you didn’t know, I really do love you so
    I’ll say it once more: baby, please don’t go

    Not again. Please let this be the last time
    This promise is for you: no more goodbyes

    Why are you not weeping? I don’t understand
    I can tell that you’re breaking, from the way you squeeze my hand

    My heart sinks as your hand slips from mine
    Baby, please, kiss me one more time

    "As you wish, love" and you fulfill my need
    But something is different, reality has hit, and you're about to leave

    I need you...I need you...why can’t you see?
    Stay with me a moment longer, I’m begging you, don’t leave.

    Rock me back and forth, darling
    Ease the pain of this awful parting

    They are starting to downpour, the little black beads
    Falling on your shoulder, my chest starting to heave

    Goodbyes don’t exist, you’ve said it before
    “I’ll be home soon, angel...we’ll be together once more”

  40. I Need Sleep

    I need sleep
    I nearly cry when my alarm does beep
    I barely manage to stay awake
    Because of that my eyes do ache

    I wake up in the early morning
    My alarm clock rings with no forewarning
    Because my homework can not wait
    I go to bed very, very late

    If only school would start at ten
    then I would happily shout Amen!
    Maybe then I could pay attention
    and work on my comprehension

    If I could sleep longer each day
    maybe then I would see flowers instead of grey

  41. Hakuna Matata, thats the saying, right?
    I wasn’t in trouble when I went out last night

    If only you let me go out once more
    This will be the only thing I ever ask for!

    I am responsible, if only you could see
    I can handle myself, trust me!

    I won’t be long, I will be home soon
    Its not like I’m going all the way to Cancun

    You only live once, like everyone said
    In a couple of hours, I’ll be back in my bed

    I just want to go out, and have a little fun
    Don’t you think I should while I’m young?

    I’ll be sure to act like an adult, I promise!
    One night out is fine, its harmless!

    I will clean my room and do my chores
    If you please let me go out once more

  42. Long black silky hair running down her back
    With her sparkling pools blue eyes attacking

    Her silky short magenta dress
    She has always used this technique for success

    She spies looking for information vital for her nations security
    She has loved and lost with no emotion

    When will she come and talk to me
    We know she is a spy and I have information

    She comes over using all the techniques
    Seduction what an odd art form

    Men or women seduced for meaningless purposes
    All itching to get out but can't

    The only release
    Death sweet death

    In the back of her mouth

    Gone without a trace
    No seduction anymore

  43. Please just try to understand
    It would be really grand

    To drive around town
    without a frown

    I'll fit nice and snug
    In my beautiful bug

    How about yellow?
    It can be nice and mellow

    If you buy me that car
    I'll give you a chocolate bar!

  44. Zach Hall
    Persuasive Poem

    Please Mom and Dad just let me go
    Before we all get stuck in the snow

    It won’t be long until I return
    When I’m gone I will learn

    Having fun will also be prevalent
    Spending however will also be relevant

    When I’m away you can enjoy
    No one there to annoy

    Please just give me a chance
    If you do I might just dance

    It is the city of lights
    And I promise not to get in fights

    A trip would be a nice break
    But it’s a chance you must take

    The money may be an issue
    If it is here is a tissue

    I promise I will be good
    I will not hang out in the hood

    It’s the change of a lifetime
    If I can go I’ll call you at bedtime

    Just go with the flow
    Please Mom and Dad let me go

  45. So I just gotta ask ya,
    Can I go to Nebraska?

    It'd be a pretty neat thing,
    Better than a bee sting!

    There's this hole in the ground,
    It's really there to astound.

    It'd be great to fly away,

    Let me visit the dirt farms,
    And fight to bare arms,

    Nebraska is a cool place,
    Wait! Gotta tie my shoe lace.

  46. I want something good,
    Something not made of wood,
    It is something worth while,
    I know it has an appealing style,

    My friends love it,
    It's more fun than a baseball mitt,
    I know I'll have a blast,
    It'll certainly last,

    What I've said is true,
    So I ask you,
    Can I get a new dog?
    He can make a blog!

  47. The moonlight beat down upon us
    I tried to convince her to stay a while longer,

    She had to go
    I needed her to stay

    I begged and I pleaded
    I told her it’d be fun

    To give it a while longer
    And stay up for the sun

    To sit, and to talk
    And to play board games

    We could even discuss,
    How we are the same

    What are our favorite movies
    Our other likes, and our dreams

    If you come with me,
    It will be just as it seems

    So just stay till morning,
    It won't be odd at all

    If you stay with me
    We could have a ball

    But alas you must go,
    To your house far away

    Although i understand
    I wish you could stay

    So goodnight my dear lady
    I'll try to keep in touch

    I will miss you
    Oh so very much


  48. Oh, how I implore
    I shan’t later ask for more
    No, this is all I desire
    and I shall beg until I tire
    For the big screen is calling for me
    Can’t you hear it, don’t you see?
    Popcorn, candy, and sodas are shouting
    Denying my plea will result in my pouting
    I’ll ask again, since I wish for it so strongly
    I hope my repetition doesn’t annoy you so wrongly
    Allow my absence here, let me go to the movie theater
    I don’t need much money, as I’m not a big eater
    But still supply dollars for me, please
    (Not having to deplete my own funds will put me at ease)
    So please, I continue to plead
    Help me in my time of need
    Purchase my ticket to the movie, my friend
    Unless you wish my heart to rend

  49. After School King Soopers

    Come with me
    I can take you places

    We’ll have adventure,
    see many new faces

    Excitement around every corner,
    we’ll rule it, we’ll own it

    You’ll be with me:
    never a dull moment

    So please please,
    come to King Soopers with me?

  50. We have to write a lot of poetry
    Please, don’t make me

    When will I need to be able to write a poem?
    Well the answer to this question remains unknown

    What if I am an astronaut?
    Writing poetry in not needed a lot

    Even if I was a bus driver
    I wouldn’t be able to bust out a poem like MacGyver

    And what about a dentist
    If they had to write a poem I’m sure they’d resist

    And even a pilot
    Wouldn’t have to write a poem about a rose and a violet

    And what about a cowboy
    Writing poetry would not be something they would enjoy

    I guess only if you were a language arts teacher
    Writing poetry would be a helpful feature

    So overall why waste my time?
    Writing poetry and making some rhymes

  51. Please get out of bed
    Come with me

    So much awaits us
    Listen to my plea

    The dark is a mysterious mist
    Awaiting our presence

    Our courage will be put to the test
    I feel a strange essence

    Please I’m begging now
    I don’t wanna go alone

    This is a life or death situation
    I’m hearing a drone

    If you let me leave the room
    You’re sending me to my doom

    I will not come back in one piece
    If you do not come with me

    I will even give you a dollar
    If you agree

    I’m thirsty
    But there’s a monster downstairs

    I need you to go first to turn on the light
    Afterall, you are older, and it’s only fair

  52. Dearest Mother of Mine:

    Please, oblige a son to weather this blizzard.
    A girl as fragile as I could not make it home alive.

    Look outside the window,
    You couldn’t hardly see a sign across the road.

    I know we need butter for the cookies,
    But I need you to hear my pleas.

    I don’t think I am the person best fit,
    for this arduous task you have bestowed to me.

    The grocery store is much too far,
    The cold will inundate me to my bones.

    If I even returned,
    I would bluer than the sky.

    If another were to go,
    They would be much better off than I.

    So mother, please consider choosing another to go.
    Keep me safe and warm since I know you love me so.

  53. I’m awkward and weird and silly
    and can’t really hold a conversation about anything but band
    but I like you
    and I do try to talk about sports
    but it doesn’t really work

    because I know that you're the kind of guy
    that only likes those “popular, pretty” girls
    but maybe if you gave me just a second look
    maybe, possibly, you’ll see that, just sometimes
    band nerds are worth your time too

    you’re cute and you know it
    and I’m shy and avoid eye contact
    you’re popular and funny and sporty
    and I have an obnoxious laugh

    just give me a chance
    I won’t waste it, I promise
    because I know I won’t get many chances with a guy like you
    just this once.

  54. My homework is always done
    but now you envision me as a bum

    I endeavored to complete the assignment with haste
    but it appears it was all a waste

    I left it on a palisade desk
    I never conceived that its strength could be so grotesque

    My monstrous dog is all to blame
    his devilish teeth...what a shame

    Cut up into a jigsaw puzzle is all I can say
    Oh my dog knows how to betray

    My paper never stood a remote chance
    his jaws took chunks without me seizing a glance

    My paper crippled and destroyed
    my brutal dog was overjoyed

    Clips of paper gripping onto his spit
    His face contorted into a smile I must admit

    The carnage slowly dripped from his lips
    Question number 2 whipped past my face as I flipped

    I shrieked the loudest I've ever done
    This could never be undone

    I stand before you a humbled man
    take pity on me as much as you can

    Your mercy I must beg
    your forgiveness I’d take for a leg

    Please be sympathetic and give me an A

  55. For those who struggle, those who fear
    Never knowing when it will be the last tear
    Fighting for a reason, fighting for a breath
    The solution should never be death

    A permanent solution to a temporary problem
    Unable to feel anything but pain
    A constant battle between your heart and your brain

    I know you can make it
    Even if it seems like an endless pit
    For life is a roller coaster with ups and downs
    You just have to keep picking yourself off the ground

    Fall down seven times, get up eight
    Never give up because of something you hate
    Follow what you love and you will see
    That those ups will lead you so that you are finally free.

  56. Please oh please, the gloomy clear skies,
    My only wish within you lies,
    That the dark gray clouds of frosty snow,
    May let me not to school tomorrow.

    Sadly the last snow day we had,
    Was based off a forecast just plainly bad,
    And then the next large blizzard of sorts,
    Was underplayed by the weatherman’s reports.

    Maybe if I can just be lucky for once,
    We may get another snow day in the next month,
    Though considering that we are nigh unto May,
    Our chances of snow get slimmer each day.

    So please, oh please, blue cloudless skies,
    Let your brightness have it’s demise,
    And create a snow day that is much desired,
    For me to finish more homework required.