Thursday, February 7, 2013

Scribe-Period 3 - 2/7/13

#38 - Written piece
  • Personal piece - how does it effect you
  • Example - First Line - Creates a picture in the readers head and sets the mood
  • Re-write the line that you are explaining


2 Independent Clauses, Compound sentence:
(Carla looked at herself in the mirror) and (recited the poem "Fire and Ice.")
Rocket ship - 1 subject to 2 verbs
                             /    al            \ at                         \in 
_Carla___l_____/     nl              \herself                  \_mirror_________
                 l          \     dl                                                      \the
                              \__ l Recited l poem (Fire and Ice)

1 Independent Clause, 1 Dependent Clause, Complex Sentence (CX)
(We saw A Midsummer Nights' Dream at the Buell Theater,) (after we saw the play at AHS.)

___We    l     saw     l  A Midsummer Nights' Dream
               l     \ a                  \ at
                       \ f                  \ buell theater
                         \t                          \the
     We  l____saw                l   play
            l         \at                  l      \the

The rest of class time was used to either, write, proofread, or brainstorm.
Second Body Paragraph
Things to remember:

  • No personal words
  • No contractions
  • No hypothetical questions
  • No questions without answers
  • Citations
  • Lead-ins
  • Expand your vocabulary

Redo Intro and 1st Paragraph (suggested)
Write 2nd Paragraph (suggested) 
CSAP-Softball (Due Tomorrow)
Grammar Test (Tomorrow)

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