Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scribe 2/13/13 Period 5

Hello Lovelies!

Today in class we had a sub, Mr. Rosenburg, because Mrs. Smith was home with a sick child. At the beginning of class, I skyped Mrs. Smith, and the class asked questions about the paper. The paper, previously set to be due tomorrow, is now technically due on Thursday. Although it will be graded on Tuesday, Mrs. Smith STRONGLY suggests that we finish it for tomorrow (Thursday) to have a long, relaxing, four-day weekend! The rest of the class period was mostly configured for work time!

Things to Remember:

  • CSAP (America the Beautiful) is due tomorrow!
  • DOL11 Quiz was set to be taken next Tuesday
  • COMPLETE PAPER & be creative! :)
  • Gabby, Zach, and Tony need to like their websites to Smith's webpage
  • Valentine's Day Tomorrow! (I love my classmates!)
Here is Smith's Slideshow

I hope y'all have a fantastic Thursday!

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