Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2/27/13 Scribe for Period 3

Mrs. Smith returned today. She explained that she had been absent because of sickness in her family and congratulated us on the success of our poetry gala. We then did the grammar exercises.

prep.  n/op  h.v. prn.    av         adj.   adj.          n.
(since when) did we support that ridiculous charity     IC/SS
prep phrase          S     V                                  DO

After grammar, Mrs. Smith explained the next literature piece we will be Romeo and Juliet. All of the reading will be done in class. Mrs. Smith told the class the essential background of Shakespear’s writing. Books will be handed out in class, and a version of the play can be found online called “No Fear Shakespear” which accompanies the traditional text with a modern translation.

Shakespear Reading:

The reading included the prologue and an analysis of it. The play is set in Verona, Italy where two wealthy, prestigious families who have hated each other since ancient times take up a new set of feuds. Each of the families have children who are chosen by fate to fall in love. The play, explains the prologue, is about the lives and deaths of these children by suicide and its effect on the families.

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