Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Secret Poem

I am going to collect all of your secrets and redistribute them. With another person's secret, write a poem telling the story of that secret as if it were your own and addressing what you think about it. Play with form and structure. Remember, think about word choice and descriptions. Paint a picture in your reader's head. If you are stuck, you could even look back at the secret as if you were older and wiser. Good luck and be creative!


  1. Emotional Moments:

    Tears streamed down my face
    I clutched my best friend's hand
    An immense feeling of sadness overwhelmed me
    I couldn't avoid the judgmental stares
    The screen erupted in color
    And I cried even harder
    I hope no one finds out
    I cried during How to Train Your Dragon.

  2. “I have a secret stash of pickles in my room...”

    Sometimes I wonder why I keep such a secret,
    Hidden away in drawers and blankets.
    I inspect about the world around me,
    Just to see if people are watching.
    It’s strange I have to be different,
    It’s weird to be diverse.
    In a world of similarity and gray, why must I shine like a neon green sign?
    The other kids that all have normal things to like would laugh and point.
    It’s easy to make fun of the odd one out.
    I guess that’s why my secret stays a secret.
    I guess that’s why no one knows.
    I guess that’s why I wait until the yellow sun fades deep behind the clouds and my room is purple-black to pull out my only vice, the monster on my back.
    My ill-lit room watches, my actions slow and soft,
    I will not give up what I love until I’m told to stop.

  3. The accordion, mandolin, the resonator guitar,
    The blaring, the blasting, their flawless attire.
    Voices like angels, smiles blind the sun,
    So flawless, so perfect,
    God’s true form.

    Mumford and Sons, the one and only,
    Breathtaking, heart stopping,
    Sending chills through my spine.
    Mumford and Sons, none can compare,
    The most glorious band,
    receiving countless awards.

    Their music enchanting,
    and looks equally fare,
    Mumford and Sons, so flawless, so perfect,
    God’s true form.

  4. Plastic Surgery

    I am not beautiful.
    My life scorned by my hideousness.
    No matter the cost,
    laying on that cold table.
    The mask taking me into sweet oblivion.
    My face going numb with the anesthesia,
    coursing through my lungs.
    It evaporates straight into my blood.
    I see the sharp instruments,
    and the light hung over fade away.
    The heart monitor beeping until,
    my sense of hearing is gone.
    Sweet dreams of myself being popular,
    and everyone enjoying my company.
    No more being shut out at the lunch table,
    or the other students making fun of me.
    I am not rich but this could fix all my problems.
    Problems fade away with a simple cut,
    and snip of skin.
    While still dreaming of sweet popularity,
    I am pulled away trying to go back I wake up.
    The doctors tell me success,
    but I will be the judge of that.
    My face wrapped in linen and gauze.
    I look in the mirror my new face shinning.
    One question running through my mind.
    Am I pretty now?

  5. When we drive up in front of the Wyoming house
    The door will be open,
    Just like always
    We'll be run over by the dog
    And squeezed by grownups
    Just like always
    We'll unpack
    and eat homemade food
    Just like always
    Then we'll go hunting
    Down in the valley
    Just like always
    The aunts will stay back
    Along with Dad.

  6. Bennet Daniels
    Mrs. Smith
    English 9 Honors
    19 February, 2013

    Secret Poem

    As the light of one nation slowly fades
    The lights of another nation grow bright
    Where stars shine in the light
    And where I become famous

    My golden house shines bright
    Wearing my leopard skin jacket
    Meeting my loyal fans
    As I sing about cheese

    Sweden is where I am known
    For my ability to motivate a nation
    Through my songs of inspiration
    With people I share my praise

    Here in the states
    No one knows of my abilities
    To inspire a nation
    With my talent of singing and dancing

    Where I am from
    People know me for my talents
    But here in the states
    I am known only by my friends

  7. I am a foreigner
    I come from a place unlike this one
    A place where people act differently
    Things move faster

    Where I come from
    There are no monstrous rocks
    that rise from the land to form stiff peaks.

    Where I come from
    White dust does not fall from the sky
    Landing daintily on the tips of pine trees
    and people do not glide down those monstrous rocks
    on top of the white dust.

    Where I come from
    There are no haunted hotels
    no ghostly twins, or crazy hotel caretakers
    nor are there any profane fourth graders
    who walk around poking merciless fun at celebrities.

    I am a foreigner
    I come from a place unlike this one.

  8. I have a weakness for food
    So many dishes to make,
    but in so little time!

    If I had to choose
    I would go for something soft and fluffy
    Maybe a meringue or soft pretzel!

    I have an addiction to them
    I love to make the sweet treats
    all day, everyday

    A warm, soft pretzel
    and a fluffy meringue
    are all I need to live a happy life!

  9. Warmth and comfort,
    Protection and safety,
    When I need a reminder
    Of all that makes me smile,
    I pull him out from under my bed,
    And I stare.

    Furr all worn and matted,
    So much love in every stitch,
    So many memories from one thing,
    How could I ever leave him,
    Why would I?

    From the day I was born,
    To the day before last,
    He’s there to listen,
    To love and support,
    To forget would be to betray,

    This little stuffed bear is so much more,
    Than anything any one person could give me,
    I will never let him go.

  10. Crunch, crisp, crumble, crack
    Golden crumbs fall to my plate as I seek out the prize
    The fortune

    This fortune will be the one to change my life
    This fortune will be my lucky fortune
    This fortune will be the one I’m sure of it

    You can never be too careful
    You can never take risks when it comes to fortune

    I peek around to make sure I am alone
    I open my mouth wide for the little fortune
    I quickly swallow the slip of paper

    And I know that now my fortune will come true
    Because now it rests within me

  11. It is one of the many, many things that make me who I am.
    no one else can ever possess it
    there might be many like it, but this one is mine
    forever mine, and no one else's
    that little freckle on the back of my left ear

    Not sure how it got there or where it came from
    but there it is
    and it is part of what me
    what makes me different

    I stand out from all of the other boring, freckle-less people
    It is so small, and so insignificant,
    and in the grand scheme of things, so am I
    but then, so important at the same time
    because how many things in your life do you have that you can say
    is yours, and only yours
    no one else can ever have it
    that little freckle on the back of my left ear

  12. The real story

    I used to be the biggest baddest lasso-er in town
    ain’t nothing could get by me
    cows? no chance
    horses? no chance
    then there was the day
    our town got ransacked by the cowboys
    that day i lost my ropin’ skills
    I couldn't save my wife,
    I couldn't save the town
    I let everyone down
    I hide in shame,
    from the day
    no one knows what I can do
    and I don't want them to
    it brings back a part of me I will never get back

  13. I’m Scared of Moths

    Small, drab colored bodies.
    Wings fluttering effortless;
    These are the things that scare me the most.

    Populations multiplying by the thousands every spring.
    Knowingly mistaken as butterflies;
    These are the things that scare me the most.

    The way they pop up out of nowhere;
    Suddenly appearing out of thin air.
    These are the things that scare me the most.

    Small, drab colored bodies.
    Wings fluttering effortless;
    These are the things that scare me the most.

  14. David Harrell
    3rd Hour

    Footie PJ's
    When I go to sleep,
    I slowly doze off counting sheep
    While wearing footie PJs.
    Why do I do this,
    I haven't the crudest
    beginnings of an idea.
    They are fuzzy and pink
    and it really makes me think
    that I need some new pajamas.
    The bottoms are tiger print
    and I haven't the slightest hint
    who would make such a thing.
    It has a small hood.
    The print is that of wood
    and I should probably give it away.
    But the sleeves have feathers,
    to keep warm in cold weathers
    So it is mildly practical.
    The feathers are glow in the dark
    for a casual night walk in the park
    and it is very stylish.
    It has a large turtle shell on the back,
    and is a shiny shade of black
    so that I can protect myself.
    The belt is made from Crocodile skin,
    and has a buckle in the shape a bowling pin.
    I should probably throw it away.

  15. I hate spiders
    They are good hiders

    Their eight hairy legs
    Standing on pegs

    Waiting to pounce
    As they bounce

    Every night
    They give me a fright

    But I always look
    Before I cook

    And when I go to bed
    I peek my head

    Under the bed
    If they’re there I turn cherry red

    But I always check
    So they don't scare the heck

    Out of me
    So I flee

    Spiders are so yucky
    If there are none I feel lucky

    To this day
    And my dismay

    They show up before I sleep
    I hope they don’t keep

  16. The Secret

    When I was little I used to take my fish out of its tank and watch it flop around in my hands.

    My little friend flopping
    Trying to breath
    Searching for water
    Laughing seeing him wriggling in my hands
    Little did I know
    When my friend stopped flopping
    Sank to the bottom of the bowl
    My little friend now lives in a different bowl
    In the sky

  17. Trapped

    All the blood rushes to your feet
    You’re panting
    Like you just ran a marathon
    You’re trapped
    You feel like you can’t breathe...
    No matter how hard you try
    Everything is spinning,
    Everything hurts
    You’re trapped
    You want to cry out for help,
    For someone to make it better
    ...But you can’t
    Your mind is racing a mile a minute
    But everything seems like it is in slow motion
    You’re trapped
    Everything is closing in around you
    Your heart is beating a mile a minute
    It takes you over
    It’s paralyzing
    It consumes you

    But you still manage
    You fight it
    You refuse to let it run your life
    You hide it
    You keep it a secret
    But you keep your head held high
    But it’s always there
    Even when you feel okay
    It’s in the back of your mind
    A constant reminder
    It’s a constant struggle
    Not with someone else
    But with yourself

  18. Comfortable Secret
    Why do we have secrets?
    Why do we ask questions?
    What is a secret?
    How do you get a secret?

    Mastery of the mind.

    Create something special.
    If it matters to you,
    It’s a secret.

    My secrets.
    The things close to my heart.

    I’ll tell you a secret,
    If you’ll protect it.

    I eat the same dinner every Friday night.
    It’s simple, quiet.
    But it’s something that matters to me.

    It’s the same old every Friday,
    But I like it like that.
    It becomes my comfort meal.

    I can look forward to Friday night,
    Simply, because Friday’s are special.

  19. I have Pain.
    Pain is in my eyes.
    Pain is in my heart.
    Pain is in my smile.

    But I am not Pain,
    I fight Pain.
    I beat Pain.
    I control Pain.

    I am not Pain.
    I am Strength.

  20. “I am literally not able to delete music off of my phone in fear that I will need it one day. I’m sentimentally attached to all of it.”
    Pantoum Poem:

    I stare at the screen
    clutched inside my palm.
    Would I? Would I really

    Clutched inside my palm...
    I cannot, will not
    A single song on my phone.

    I cannot, will not.
    What if, for any reason, I need it?
    A single song on my phone,
    One specific song on my phone.

    What if, for any reason, I need it...
    Would I? Would I really...?
    One specific song on my phone...
    I stare at the screen

    I’m attached.
    Sentimentally connected,
    I cannot cut the line.
    I will not sever the thick cord.

    Sentimentally connected
    to every track on my phone.
    I will not sever the thick cord
    between a song and my heart, my mind.

    To everyone track on my phone,
    I dedicate my yearning.
    Between a song and my heart, my mind,
    there is an unimaginable necessity...

    I dedicate my yearning.
    I cannot cut the line.
    There is an unimaginable necessity...
    I’m attached

  21. Stealing from the Cookie Jar

    Secret: I used to steal cookies from my grandma's cookie jar. Just kidding, I still do.

    Oh, of all the delicious things
    My grandma makes and bakes
    The cookies in the cookie jar
    Are flawless with no mistakes

    Mom says don’t even attempt it
    Grandma says there aren’t any left
    Grandpa says go for it, it’s always filled
    Dad says that if I don’t, I will always be unfulfilled

    I plan ahead, no one will be in sight
    My ninja-like stealth will keep me safe in the night
    Oh the treasure, oh the reward
    If I pull this off correctly, it could be a new record

    Even though I stole cookies
    From the cookie jar
    Grandma has no clue
    And I think I might just have to pursue

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  23. "I stole a pack of tic-tacs when I was six."

    I'm at the store, waiting
    Tip tap tip tap
    I hear the cashier, typing
    Click clack click clack
    I see the candy, wanting
    Tic tac Tic tac
    I think I want a tic tac

    No one's around, looking
    Tip tap tip tap
    I reach over, snatching
    Click clack click clack
    I hardly move, shaking
    Tic tac tic tac
    And now I have a tic tac

    I get back home, knowing
    Tip tap tip tap
    I'm really scared, quaking
    Click clack click clack
    I hide away, munching
    Tic tac tic tac
    I've eaten all the tic tacs

    I was only six, growing
    Tip tap tip tap
    I am so guilty, feeling
    Click clack click clack
    Though I got what I wanted, dreaming
    Tic tac tic tac
    But yes I stole a tic tac

  24. The Millionare

    I love my Grandmother

    she’s a millionaire
    All her money I will too someday will bear

    We spend it day after day

    In every store and every which way

    Her wealth is not all that I love

    My grandmother is a beauty and her personality fits like a glove

    So for her wealth I do not care

    because I know her love I will always share
    I will always love my grandmother the millionare

  25. I Am Not A True Coloradan
    By: Alexandra Larsen

    Whenever I hear the words
    Breckenridge or Keystone
    I nod along, but this is absurd
    hopefully with this secret i’m not alone.

    I’ve never been skiing!
    After twelve years here
    I am not normal Colorado being
    and no you didn’t mishear.

    The ice and skis just aren’t me
    just aren’t my thing
    its not like i’m a strange absentee
    Id rather be in a boxing ring!

    Yet it keeps me downtrodden
    I hear the same saying
    “You aren’t a true Coloradan”
    yet its going to take more swaying

    So next time you say
    “I’m shredding some gnar”
    ill meet you halfway
    and just say “au revoir”

  26. I'm addicted to the internet

    Twelve o'clock late at night
    My eyes burn by the light

    The screen jumps from page to page
    I am memorized and in a cage

    You tube videos dance in my eyes
    I can't comprehend how that cat can cry

    Gangnam style I've vied a million times
    His music has incredible chimes

    Harlem Shake, you know what I mean
    That dance drags me away from the latrine

    Shakira's hips don't lie
    They shake so swiftly that I become tongue tied

    I'll marry the internet no matter how strange
    No matter how queer i'll never change

    I've abandoned my sis so I can frolic
    I'm just as addicted as an alcoholic

    When my dad turns it off, I holler in rage
    No dinner is as important as this youtube page

    I'd take a bullet for the internet its true
    even over going to the zoo.

  27. The Me You Don't See

    Monday to Friday, five days a week,
    This person you see here, it is the real me.
    But on weekends away from my friends and the whole social scene,
    You might not even recognize the quiet figure in the corner as remotely being me.
    The stillness of my room makes me feel at peace even more than in the company of friends;
    Who knows me better than myself?
    Through the quiet I can think clearly,
    What is important to me, who do I truly care about?
    Sunday heaves a sigh as the sun sets over the cold silhouettes of the mountains.
    My rest has ended.
    Monday has come to draw me out of my shell once again.
    Refreshing like jumping into a cold pool on a hot day,
    To see my friends again, and share the laughter and lightheartedness.
    Secretly looking forward for the weekend,
    To breathe in, and breathe out and start all over again.

  28. Superpower

    Inspired by: "I once kissed someone upside down and I felt like Spider-Man and it was spectacular." - anonymous

    I am no super hero,
    Just me,
    I had her,
    On top of the world,
    I am no super hero,
    Just me,
    I had her,
    Just a moment,
    I am no super hero,
    Just me,
    I had her,
    No mask or secret identity,
    I am no super hero,
    Just me,
    I had her,
    Blood rushed to my head,
    I am no super hero,
    Just me,
    I had her,
    Our lips met,
    I am no super hero,
    Just me,
    I had her,
    And I was Spiderman

  29. Inspired by, "I had an imaginary friend named Prince Eric that I was in love with and planned on getting married to."

    True love isn’t just for fairytales
    Not anymore
    It exists outside of the pages
    It exists in my imagination.

    Infatuation, obsession
    Call it what you wish
    I call it love
    Thank you, Prince.

    amidst wedding bells and flowers
    my future will become
    our future.

    I had an imaginary friend named Prince Eric
    And it’s because of him
    I know what love is.
    Thank you, Prince.

  30. Years of practice, playing, training

    Days of waiting, hoping, wondering

    Boys are stronger, faster, better

    Every hit, every pass, every throw

    Hawk eyes watching, waiting, looking

    Thoughts of challenge, determination, anger

    Every move counts, matters, determines

    Coaches deciding, analyzing, choosing

    The final results, positions, revelation

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  32. The day seemed normal, nothing special about it
    Until he said to me, “Let’s go”, with a spit
    Everything changed for me that day,
    my feelings of normal would never again stay

    I was bagged with a red bag,
    tagged with a red tag.
    I was placed in a red car,
    and taken to a red bar.

    My captor wore a red hat,
    and on a red chair was where he sat.
    He told me to drink the red drink,
    and pretty soon red was all I could think.

    Later he ordered me to dye myself red,
    or pretty soon I would be dead.
    And that is why I have always said,
    “I absolutely hate the color red!”.

  33. When I was young
    I was in love
    I’d always have fun
    I was free as a dove

    I was in love with the boy
    With the fire red hair
    When he looked at me
    My heart went aflare

    These looks he would give
    Would make my heart do a flip
    Send my heart on a voyage
    In a beautiful ship

    And oh how I’d dream
    Dream of him and me
    Dream of together
    How happy we’d be

    But those days had to go
    As my age slipped away
    And I no longer love him
    Like back in the day

  34. "I play rated-M games."

    I see the enemy
    Rushing through the forest

    I hear shouts ring out
    In the distant horizon

    I feel the rush of adrenaline
    Coursing through my veins

    There’s no time to lose
    I’ve only got one shot

    A shot, a bang
    My quest comes to an end

    Defeat cannot bring me down
    I’m on top of the world

    As I sit here
    Playing video games

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  36. "I hate eggs"


    Some people eat them for breakfast
    Some people eat them for dinner

    No thanks, I’ll pass
    They make me a sinner

    The texture is weird
    The shell is gross

    When eggs break, I cheer
    I might go lactose

    They make me puke
    Every single time

    They deserve a nuke
    At least once in their lifetime

    Who cares about eggs
    They’re so dull

    At least they don’t have legs,
    Or a disgusting old skull!


  37. "I was Liesl in my 5th grade talent show"

    When I was ten
    I was 16 going on 17
    Do-re-mi-ing in my light pink dress
    Drenched from the stormy weather outside
    Timid and shy and scared am I
    Not on stage, though
    No, not I

    Praying that he would kiss me
    Oh and he finally did
    Screaming from excitement
    Running back inside
    Caught off guard by Miss Maria
    When the dogs bite and the bee stings
    These are certainly not a few of my favorite things

  38. “Sometimes I drink milk straight from the container.”

    I cannot stand to use a glass
    A cup, no, that will never pass
    I could never use a chalice
    For I have too much malice
    Teacups are abhorrent
    And Styrofoam is too absorbent
    I only know goblets to fill with fire
    Drinking from that would cause too much ire

    I do not want to have to chug
    So say goodbye to that mug
    Why would I want to use a stein?
    I am not that much of a swine
    A bowl or pot?
    I think not
    I see this as a no-brainer
    I shall drink my milk straight from the container

  39. "Anxiety"

    Anxiety that I own
    This mystery, to others, remains unknown
    Will I forever be in pain?
    Till this awful beast is slain?
    Secretly, I suffer alone

    I don’t want to be afraid
    Will someone not come to my aide?
    I want to stop living with this stress
    I will learn to clean this mess
    Perhaps my problem will finally fade

    Soon I know I will escape
    My mouth won’t be shut by tape
    My life will be rearranged
    I know I will forever change
    My life, it will reshape

    People will see me for who I am
    I will not be seen as a sham
    I see myself without self-doubt
    I will, someday, come out
    People will love me, not condemn

  40. Demons

    Everyone has something inside, that demon you don't want anybody to see

    Some people have a fear, others it's something they don't want to be

    Some people have a desire, others a passion that burns like a flame

    People's demons, they can be weak or impossible to tame

    For a few, their secret devil is a history, maybe a family story that puts them into a trance

    Mine, its actually quite simple : I hate wearing pants


  41. My secret world,
    Is where I come alive,
    Where I choose to thrive.
    Meets reality,
    And they combine,
    To form this magical dream of mine.
    Doctor Who's companion,
    Forever I will be,
    The life of a Whovian is for me.

  42. He never stays at home for more than a month
    He never brings back souvenirs
    From China to India to France to Italy
    Sometimes I wonder when he’ll be here
    To play baseball with me
    Or to go to fast food restaurants
    So we can stuff our faces with greasy burgers
    He tries to be around
    But he is always called away
    Always for meetings with clients
    Or for big deals with powerful companies
    He even missed my birthday once
    I know he tries to make it up to me
    He buys expensive items
    And tries to make conversation over the phone
    When all I really want
    Is for my dad to just be home.

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  44. “When I was little, I never crawled. I always scooched.”

    I move around the room playfully
    Gazing up at the entirety of the world
    My world

    People standing
    People talking
    People watching

    Waiting for the moment
    My moment
    My first crawl

    People walking
    People visiting
    People staring

    I move into position
    Silence overwhelms the room
    Breaking concentration, I drop to my butt

    People sigh
    People fuss
    People whimper

    I continue to gawk and ponder the question
    Who wants to crawl
    When you can scooch?

  45. “I like to dip my bagels in yogurt.”

    All day I thirst for something.
    Something that will calm my hunger.
    I am in need of food.

    I can’t wait to arrive home,
    And eat what I have been waiting for.
    I have been waiting for bagels and yogurt.
    The only things that can eradicate the hunger from my stomach.

    I have been eating them both since I can remember.
    The only thing I can consume with an empty conscience.
    Dipping bagels in yogurt brings me joy,
    Joy that I can give throughout the day.

    I love dipping my bagels in yogurt,
    It is the only thing that saves me from starvation.

  46. The Scapedog

    A bump with my hip
    Was all it took
    But was a word to leave my lip
    Never, I just took a look
    At the damage. It was bad
    A furry ball lay next to me
    And he was going to be the culprit to tell about to my lad
    Very mad he
    Saw the TV laying crushed
    He yelled at the dog
    But I kept myself hushed
    And it will be kept that way so call me the secret hog.

  47. “I wear my contacts inside out”

    At Last I Can See

    It rests on my bathroom sink
    Hollow and half moon shaped
    Containing my prescription
    So my senses can be enhanced

    My innocent eyes
    Eyes that have seen no darkness
    But feel so much pain
    The ocean blue color begins to fade

    I was told, long ago
    For the rounded side to caress my eye
    And yet, long ago, I was told
    To be all alone

    The crescent moon is turned inside out
    As I stab it in my eye
    The pain once again stabs through my heart
    That the world will never see my hidden cry

    The lense which holds my vision
    Faces toward the world
    While the coat of protection
    Grasps onto my eye

    My eye burns a fiery heat
    My veins turn a bright red
    My eyes explode with water
    But I’ve learned to like it instead

    My eyesight has never been correct
    Neither have I
    The world has never been correct
    To never stand by

    The lense faces the world
    So the world is able to see their reflection
    From my eyes
    And finding its ‘perfection’

    At last I can see
    What I was meant to ignore
    And hopefully
    The world can see me

  48. Why would you want to be normal
    when you can when you can wear a purple tuxedo?
    Although it may seem a bit formal,
    There’s no point in not standing out.
    On days when I only walk backwards,
    I oft discover a new point of view
    Though no one else understands why,
    I do the odd things that I do
    You may consider me unconventional,
    Crazy, or perhaps even whimsical.
    I’m okay with any of them,
    Just so long as I’m not thought of as typical.

  49. My Hair

    My hair is tangled
    It has been mangled

    It stretches my hair
    Just to the point I can’t bare

    I have multiple ponytails
    My strips of scalp are so pail

    All my hair is in twists
    And tight knots my hair does consist

    My hair in perfect rows,
    Maybe I will grow it into an afro

    I had these when I was six
    Oh how I did pick up all the chicks

    I think they looked like a gem
    But everyone told me to cut them

    I regret my decision
    My hair lays below me in my vision

    Anyone who didn’t think my hair was sick is niave
    It only matters what I believe

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  51. I don’t belong
    here in this place where the lakes
    are exotic like me

    They don’t belong
    brought to a land dominated by mountains
    no shore, no sea

    I am exotic

    I belong
    in a place where seagulls soar
    over open land

    I belong
    on a beach by the ocean
    pretty and tanned

    I want to be home

    My home
    is by the surf and sand
    away from the Rockies

    My home
    is where there are sun kissed leaves
    instead of pine trees

    My home is New Jersey

  52. Dad

    Everyone has a hero
    One person to lead the way
    What happens when he becomes a zero?
    Your life tends to go astray.

    I always loved and adored my dad
    He'd lift me up when I was sad
    One day he came home very mad
    And began to do something really bad.

    Life is not what it appears to be
    Relationships tend to be a lie
    My father used to be really mean to me
    Sometimes, he'd even make me cry.

    The man I looked up to was to blame
    Physically and mentally he'd cause me pain
    Although he has now redeemed his name
    I will never look at my father the same.

    These experiences have shaped me who I am
    I can only accept what's happened and be glad
    There will always be barriers like that of a dam
    But what I know for sure is that I still love my dad.

  53. Sending looks of total despise
    No love sent or received
    Pure hatred toward every person
    No true friends
    Only acquaintances
    No one around me
    Really knows the real me
    No ability to express my true emotions
    I hate everyone

  54. I, David, seldom get serious
    it happens quite rarely
    I consider it luxurious

    Love is something that is pretty complicated
    It can knot your heart and make you cry
    in extreme cases it'll leave you constipated

    Now I haven’t lived many years
    But I suppose I’ll tell you a meaningful story
    Maybe so meaningful, it might bring you to tears

    Pretend for a while that there’s a girl,
    pretend she’s all pretty, whatever you think
    Yeah, yeah, I know, just give it a whirl

    Say that this girl doesn't have a lot of self esteems
    So she chooses to stay with what boy she gets
    Without pursuing the one of her dreams

    Now lets pretend this girl isn't too old
    That age where she start to date and stuff
    And, by her parents, doesn’t do what she's told

    Okay, let's pretend she’s around that age
    And her self esteem sort of limits her
    To the point where it's almost a cage

    I honestly don't know where I'm going with this
    It's hard for me to get to the bottom of my heart
    Sorry for writing a poem with rhyming so monotonous
    I can't write poems with emotion, they would stink like a fart.

    Sorry for such a dissapointing end,
    I get paranoid of the emotion that can ensue
    I hope whoever you are we are still friends
    And that you don't think I am a piece of poo.

  55. The hot sun beat down,
    As i stepped to the mound
    I knew I put on this uniform for my town

    The intensity rose
    As did the noise from the crowd
    My eyes narrowed to small, dark rows

    I choked, I faltered
    But not like LeBron and the Mavs
    I literally choked

    The seed pierced my soft throat
    As I gasped and spluttered
    The sunflower seed that was bestowed by my team

    It betrayed me
    behind the ranch coating,
    Was a hurtful, angry seed

    I have a confession though,
    I liked the piercing of the ranch coating
    And from that day on, I swallow sunflower seeds whole

  56. I shall muzzle the puzzle of things I hate
    Oh wait, let me tell you or else I may faint
    Family problems
    Issues I care not to hear
    And when I do, I cover my ear
    Often the stories drag
    I rather put my head in a bag
    They make me want to scream
    Far worse than cold cream
    When the stories start, I begin to part
    So if you feel the need to vent
    Regarding family discontent
    I am not the person to tell
    So say farewell
    My secret is mine
    So divine
    I prefer it not be not to be shared
    It better not be declared

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  58. The sun shined so bright
    The water ride gave me a fright
    The waves created a big whirl,
    So i screamed like a little girl
    I blamed it on my friend next to me
    The people behind us did believe
    That my friend was the one
    Who screamed, just for fun
    Please do not tell
    Or I will wave farewell
    At waterworld I did scream
    My secret is not extreme
    But you shall not repeat
    Or to you, I shall not be sweet


  59. walking round town in a shirt and sweats
    for i will not expose my skin in public so
    nobody knows that under my clothes
    lies the work of an artist, done a long time ago

    my skin tattooed from head to toe
    i cannot bear the sight of it
    i was younger then, with a big ego
    i am older now and the paint on my body does not fit

    i want it gone, gone away from me
    not a drop shall be left on my skin
    but that is not the way it will be
    as tattoos are permanent once they go in

    oh oh the decisions i make
    their terrible no matter what you think
    as they never allow myself a break
    a new picture occurs the second i blink

    i want it gone, gone away from me
    not a drop shall be left on my skin
    but that is not the way it will be
    as tattoos are permanent once they go in

  60. "I have a giant stuffed snoopy in my room"

    I'll never forget you snoopy,
    You're my best friend,
    Even when the day was poopy,
    I will love you til the end.

    Your stitches carefully sown,
    Seams in black and white glory,
    Your stuffing never shown,
    Cause that would be pretty gory.

  61. I know a dirty secret,
    this secret, mine to keep,
    might cause the death of someone,
    were I to let loose a peep.

    This secret is disgusting,
    horrid, frightful, absurd.
    I dwell on my secret
    till it dwells on me

    This secret,
    so momentous a thought,
    is locked up
    to never be wrought

    The key
    to my secret
    has left me,
    thrown away

    what if,
    it were to be,

    If a garbage man,
    while completing his task,
    were to notice something,
    a shiny trinket?
    What if he were
    to unlock my secret?

    What would happen if someone were to know
    that a musical I still adore

    No one can know that
    High School Musical,
    close to my heart,
    still appeals to me

  62. "I worked as Santa's Elf with Larry the Llama"

    Every time it comes around,
    This special time of year,
    Larry the Llama and I travel to a special house,
    To be filled with Laughter and Cheer.

    We work all day,
    With these special elves,
    To fulfill children’s dreams,

    When the big man arrives,
    With his rosy cheeks,
    Larry and I suddenly start to beam.

    We help the elves fill his sleigh,
    So when Christmas comes along,
    All the children will be thankful,
    That we work all year long.

    This is a special secret,
    One that I will have to keep,
    Except for telling that special someone,
    And they’ll not share a peep.

  63. Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes
    But on my head, not a single hair grows.

    People often stopped and stared
    At the toddler with not a single hair.

    “Boy or girl,” they’d wonder and think
    And fail to notice I was dressed in pink.

    The waiting was long for mom and pop
    For the first strand of the eventual mop.

    Finally, at the age of two, I lost the Qtip look
    And replaced it with the girly one like the me in the school yearbook.

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  64. On the brink of any emotion
    Happiness, sadness, anger
    I dance to forgive, to forget, to live

    The music pounds through my chest
    Releasing energy, stress, thoughts
    I dance to move, to breathe, to express

    My motions fluent
    Sharp, smooth, different
    I dance to relax, to feel, to have power

    Dance is my escape.

  65. It crunchy and savory flavor,
    And an aroma to make me salivate.
    To make me this snack is a very large favor,
    The salty goodness of seaweed.

    I always enclose inside a mouthful of rice,
    Usually the leftovers that nobody eats,
    Then into my mouth goes this treat so nice,
    The salty goodness of seaweed.

    20 slices of savory food,
    All wrapped and placed into a big Costco box,
    It always helps to better my mood,
    The salty goodness of seaweed.