Monday, February 4, 2013

Scribe: Period 5 2/4/13

Smith started class the usual "hello," and continued on to the lesson for the day. First, Smith went over our homework:
  • CSAP packet: Playing Softball for friday
  • Complete outline for tomorrow
    • quotes
    • examples
    • thesis
    • works cited
Things to remember while writing your paper:
  • No personal words
  • No contractions
  • No hypothetical questions
  • No questions without answers
  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Citations, lead-ins, etc.
Next, we completed day one of DOL 9: 
          N       av     prep          prep          n       cc       av               n               N
       carla  looked  at  herself  in  the  mirror  and  recited  the  poem  [fire  and  ice]
                                    prn           art                                  art

After grammar, she went over what we needed for the works cited part of our LB/1984 papers. Make sure you cite ALL quotes, videos, pictures, etc. Use easybib (it makes it a thousand times easier)! Finally, we finished class by reviewing and editing our thesis statements aloud (with the class and Smith). 

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