Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scribe Block 5: 2-12-13

Welcome to Mrs. Smith’s Block 5 Class

         -Work on paper (tomorrow is last, in class work day)
            -CSAP packet is due Thursday

Grammar Work
Sentence One:
there are pretty flowers (in your garden) however they do not smell very good

Sentence Two:
(on friday february 11 2011) i auditioned (for the school play)

Grammar Key
            -(Prepositional Phrase)

Today in Class:
-We started off by doing the above grammar sentences
-Then Mr. Trotter, Ms. Hancock, and Mrs. Buchwald came in and helped edited our papers
-We worked on our papers for the rest of the day

Extra Notes:
-Mrs. Smith highly encourages us to come in and see her, or other English teachers for help
-Tomorrow is our last work day in class for our papers
-Remember we don’t have school Friday so DOL quiz and CSAP packet are due Thursday

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