Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/12/12 Scribe Period 3

Scribe for 9/12/12 Period 3


·         Memoir 3 due on Monday

·         Read, annotate, and have three questions for “This Way to the Gas Chambers” by tomorrow.

o   Include cultural background of the author, and add this to your analysis.

o   Make connections to the guiding questions, literary devices, other questions, and connections.

SAT Questions?

·         Exercise III

o   Number 2: potion, potable

o   Number 4: possible answer could be:

§  Evil is sitting in the open, but we don’t truly see it.

Memoir 2 Peer Editing

·         Spent most of class period on this, short period because of PLC day. Each person edited two other people’s work.

End of Class!

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