Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scribe Period 3 9-13-12

Scribe 9-13-12

What we did in class was....

  • Discussed "This way to the gas chamber"
  • Mrs. Smith checked that we had our annotations and three questions done
  • Some people turned the paper in for a grade
  • Listened to Rise Today by Alter Bridge
  • Got time at end of the class to work on your SAT 2 if you weren't done or your memoir 3

For homework we have to do......

  • SAT due tomorrow (exercises plus study for quiz)
  • Memoir 3 due Monday

Upcoming important dates.....

  • Memoir 3 due Monday
  • PLN 2 will be assigned next week
  • Memoir 4 due 9-20-12
  • Memoir 5 due 9-24-12
  • PLN 2 due 9-24-12

This is the link to Rise Today by Alter Bridge

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