Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scribe for September 12th, 2012 - Period 5

Scribe for September 12th, 2012
English 9 Honors - Period 5

Yay! Today was a PLC day, so class was short, sweet, and as relaxing as the weather outside (in case you didn't look outside, it was raining).

Class started with a announcement from Smith. If your computer is acting up on you, you need to write it up on the sheet on the chalkboard. Also, to prevent computers from running out of battery, we all need to plug our computers in when we return them at the end of class. 

While Smith was talking, annotations for The Interlopers and The Open Window were passed back. But don't freak out if you didn't get yours back! Only 10 people had to turn theirs in, so if you didn't turn yours in, guess what? You didn't get yours back!

SAT Exercises:
Today was also Question Day for our SAT Exercises (due on Friday, with vocab test). Questions asked during class were:
Do we do all of the exercises? Yes, the only time you don't is if it is an essay.
Exercise 3, Question 1f  - the one who sits in front
Exercise 3, Question 2 - potion, potable
Exercise 3, Question 3 - insomnia, sleep
Exercise 3, Question 4 - working within yourself (thinking), the evil is in you

Peer editing: 
We ended class with peer editing. In the end, each person edited two other classmates work. We focused on the rubric and being critical editors (giving feedback, 
not necessarily all optimistic too)

-Memoir 3 (due Monday, so you have the weekend, but you should get started)
-Read This Way to the Gas Chambers- annotate, ask three big questions, make connections (literal, personal, extension. Also connect to big question) Try to connect to the authors background (culture) also. You can find this short story on the Short Story Website.
-SAT Exercises - Due Friday with test on the vocab (word, definition, part of speech)

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