Thursday, September 6, 2012

Scribe 9-6-2012 Period 3

Scribe 9-6-2012
by Dean Burke

Today we....

  1. Worked on our memoir (Must be done on google doc and double spaced)
  2. Worked on our SAT lessons
  3. Studied for our memoir quiz
  4. Some people had their PLN 1 meeting
  5. Got our Sniper annotations back
  6. We learned that if we have a C,D, or F at the end of the semester then we could get moved down

For Homework we need to complete.....

  1. Finish memoir 1 (One and a half pages ideal)
  2. Finish SAT exercises
  3. Study for SAT quiz tomorrow
  4. Set-up PLN 1 meeting
  5. LOF redos for kids 60 percent of lower due one week from today

Dates you should know

  1. Next Wed memoir 2 is due
  2. The 12th memoir 3 is due
  3. The 20th memoir 4 is due
  4. The 24th memoir 5 is due
  5. PLN 2 due on 24th

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