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Scribe 9/20/12, Period 5

Scribe 9/20/12, Period 5

Welcome to class!
Today, we walked into class with many laptop's batteries losing life. If you ever need to charge your computer, you may unplug the cord from the power outlet in the cart and use it that way.

Starting off showing how different songs can be motivators for social change, the class listens to We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel (with the lyrics pulled up on our screens) and discussed what message he was trying to show us through his lyrics:
  • We are trying to put out this social fire, but it is unstoppable
  • The fire symbolizes the anger of the people, how society is erupting into wars but we cannot stop it from becoming so.
  • The fire refers to us as humans--we have always had problems, always will have problems
  • The video had pictures of like Hitler, etc. to show the different types of problems that humankind created and how it is impossible to fix
  • Showing how people try to change by generation, but they really are just rebelling against their parents
  • The fire around the houses show that although people may act like a normal family, we all have our own fires
  • Fires, or arguments, have been starting “Since the world has been turning”
Next on the playlist was Revolution (lyrics) by the Beatles. This time we tried to compare it to the first song and continued to find the meaning behind it.
  • Revolutions act as a fuel to the fire, just causing more trouble
  • How everything will be “alright” after the fire is lit, that although we can’t and will not be able to put out the fire, the fire can remain lit and everything will end up alright
  • It is the opposite of ‘We Didn't Start the Fire” because it is more cheerful. It is telling everyone of the chaos of society, but reassuring them it will be okay.
  • Both songs mention the world events of their era or their generations
  • We are starting the revolution for the future
  • “When you talk about destruction/ Don’t you know that you can count me out” is showing how they do not want to be involved in a revolution
  • The mention of evolution shows how over time it will still go on, and has gone on (like stated in We Didn’t Start the Fire)
Then we peer edited Memoir 4. When editing, make sure to refer back to the rubric so the author can be able to make it perfect for their VoiceThread presentation. Tomorrow, Mrs. Smith will be teacing us VoiceThread for our final memoir project. VoiceThread should include pictures, visuals, voice, and words. If you do not know a connecting theme for your memoir, tomorrow we will use the “Mapping Your Memoir” sheet to find the theme*.
The last fifteen or so minutes of class, was work time to finish or start the items listed below. If you are following “Mrs. Smith’s Master Plan of Excellency” then you should be doing the response piece of your PLN 2 tonight. Have a great day! Remember, tomorrow there is a pep assembly and football game against Mountain Vista. Have an awesome Homecoming week!!
PLN 2 on Joseph Kony, how effective Jason Russell was in using the 3 persasive items (Ethos, Logos and Pathos) DUE MONDAY


Writing conference

SAT 3 Exercises (all but writing) and quiz ARE DUE TOMORROW!

*To find further information, sheets, and links please visit the daily agenda Mrs. Smith has provided.

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